Problems with Sansa Media Converter

Alright, I’ve been toying around with trying to get video’s on my Fuze+, and I just can’t seem to get anything to work!

-I first tried directly transfering the files, but the file-type isn’t supported.

-I look at the video’s already on the fuze, and find that the files for the videos are in “MPEG-4 Format.” So I redownload the video in “MPEG-4 Format,” and try a direct transfer there. No-Dice

-So I take a look at the manual, which tells me to get the Media Converter, which I go download, install, and do everything I can to get that up to date.

-Then update my Fuze+, which happened automatically.

-Finally, After everything is said and done, I try to convert the WMV version of the Video… to which the Converter just crashes. “An unexpected error occurred.” Or some such.

-So I delete all files of the video, close all webbrowsers, and make sure nothing is running the video at the time of conversion… Again, No-Dice

-I update windows media player, and try again: No-Dice

So… Something is wrong here, so I’ll run through everything that I do up until it crashes. (Please note, my Fuze+ is already hooked up to the computer)

1: Open SMC

2: Click on the Fuze+ Icon that shows up in the left-hand side

3: Add media (The WMV version of said video)

4: Seeing the video in the big blank box, I go to click convert

5: Wait untill “Sansa Media Converter.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” window shows up. Here’s what it says when I click “more information”

Could someone Identify this please? Or at least say that I’m not the only one who’s had this problem? It would be nice to get some help here.

Also, the same thing happens when I try to preview the video without converting it. Could it be that I have a bad video, and need to redownload it? Or is there something I’m missing?

The Sansa Media Converter was designed (albeit not very well) for the older Sansa models. It is not necessary for use in converting videos for the new Fuze+. You can use any video converter of your choice. The details and specs are here.