Please HELP!!!!!!!

Is there ANY way to get videos onto the sansa Fuze WITHOUT using the Meadia Converter?  We have windows 2000 and the program won’t work on our computer, I know there are converter programs to download, which I have, but it still won’t put the videos on the fuze.  If I look at the sanza on the computer, it says the video is there, but when disconnected and try to see the video, it’s not there.

The video needs to be in the correct format, aspect ratio, and in the proper “container”.

You can try using the Rhapsody 4 client to transfer the video (no subscription required), use the Import Videos function, then try loading the resulting file to the Sansa.

It wants an AVI file format.  You’ll be using MSC mode, as Win2k doesn’t support MTP.  See what happens, and let us know if your experiment is successful.

Bob :wink:

According to Sansafix (resident SanDisk representative & lovable know-it-all), the Rhapsody software will work, although it reportedly takes much longer to do the conversion process. If you’re not in any hurry, give it a shot. As Bob said, there is no membership in Rhapsody required.