Okay how do I put movies on the fuze without the medi converter? I tried in MSC mode to dark an .avi movie into the video folder. Then it shows up on the fuze but when I try to play it it says Unsupported media type. Please contact Sandisk. What is the problem here?

You need to use SMC to convert the videos you want to play. I don’t know of any workaround using any other type of software at the time being.

So you can’t drag and drop a AVI movie?

Rhapsody can convert movies over…  I’ve had mixed results with it, however.

Can I use this converter -----> ? What can I convert them to? MP4, AVI, WMV?

Currently there is only 2 program that can convert movie into the Fuze. Sansa Media Conver V236 and Rhapsody 4.0 latest version.

Can you get Rhapsody 4.0 for free? If so, where?

It use to be free but now they charge for download or you have to subscripted to them, but you are better off with Sansa Media Converter becuase Rhapsody will convert but the quallity will be so bad compare with Sansa Media Converter.

But us there another conver that I can use. The media converter does not work for me.

What OS are you using? Media converter need atleast XP SP2 with window media player 10 install. You also need to install QuickTime Player for the codec.

is windows xp home edition enough?

Home Edition should be find if its on Service Pack 2 with wmp 10 or higher install with its.