Converter won't finish converting to Fuze?

I have Windows XP SP2, A Sansa Fuze 4GB, and the latest version of SMC. At first it wouldn’t see the Fuze at all, but I uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled, and now it’s fine. However, the videos (which are in .wmv format), will not convert. A 10 second video will get to 7% and stop, a video at 1 minute and 14 seconds long won’t even start.

I’ve been flitting about the forums, and tried searching, but I didn’t see anyone else with my same problem. Anything I might be missing?

Just an FYI I had the same problem as well… Not sure what I did to fix it specifically, but I found a thread talking about installing some software dependencies (Some sort of small codec package (Sorry forgot the name) / QuickTime).  I also rebooted XP about 10-20 times within VMware trying to get the device to show up, SMC to enable convert, planets to align, etc.

However, if you are trying to watch a full length movie, forget about it with the current software/firmware versions.  Even when I finally managed to get a video on the device the audio was out of sync an too annoying.

I’ll look at the software dependencies. I don’t have QuickTime and honestly really don’t want it on my computer, but I guess if I must, I must.

Not looking for full length movies. Some small things off of YouTube and maybe a music video or two.