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I Got a sansa Fuze for christmas and am trying to convert an .avi file to put on there. when i try to convert it using SMC it starts then just says it was unfinished. what gives?

I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve tried it in both usb modes with MP4 and AVI files I think its doing something because whenever I try to convert a lot of files the converted files counter goes up and seems to take more time with larger files. 

ell i click convert on it and the little progress page comes up then it just quits.

I started the installer again and that seemed to work. I didn’t uninstall it first I just ran the installer a second time.

Can you believe that it can’t convert mp3 files!

I have tried everything but for some reason my converter never lets me use it. It always shows up grey. I can’t convert anything becuase of this and I’ve been trying for 24  hours now. I am not please with sansa right now and that’s because of the features not ALL working. Mainly videos refuse to work but to me just one fault in any product and it means it was fully tested or people got screwed. I want to know why I can’t convert anything since I am the best in my family with technology.

the convert button is showing up grey because you don’t have the player connected to your computer. The way the converter works is that after it converts it automatically puts it on the player…you can’t convert and then add it to player later…it all happens at once…and for you people trying to convert regular avi files…one of two things…you are missing a codec…try the codec lite pack…just google it you can download it from several different web sites for free…orrrrr…what i did…i downloaded “any video converter” from download.com…i convert the wmv or the avi to “customized mp4 movie” then i use the add media button in the sansa media converter…pull the converted mp4 movie in that way…it converts it and puts it on…also…you will need to convert any home movies that you have built through windows movie maker to customized mp4 to be able to run them through the sansa converter…hope this helps…

@bananas wrote:
Can you believe that it can’t convert mp3 files!

YES- why would you want to convert mp3 files into videos or photos??

Sansa Media Converter is just for changing Videos or Photos into a format that can work on the Sansas…

The converter doesn’t support MPEG files so I can’t convert my videos!!!

It does support MPEG. Your Op said Mp3. IT WONT do Mp3. All I use is Mpeg, and it works just fine.

The file "picture’ says MPEG but when I try to upload it the file is “(location).mpg” and it asks me to install the correct codec. HELP!

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Somthing you might wanna try is Rhapsody for your videos. That program will convert and add to your player.

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