Converter not converting

Converter says files finished, but on the player, all the videos are saying: Unsupported Format.

 Any reason why this is happening and how do I fix it? 

Don’t mean to be pushy or impatient, but, I would like to fix this recent problem.

Maybe the reason you’re not getting any responses is because you haven’t given anybody anything to work on to help you. Like what video format are you converting to? That would be a useful piece of information. Also, what is the source video? In other words, what format are you starting out with? Are you strictly using SMC, or are you first using another conversion program?

Frankly, if we have to pull it out of you to have enough information from which some qualified suggestions or advice can be given, most won’t respond at all. Stating all you know and what you’ve done, along with any results (good or bad) up front saves a lot of back-and-forth (and time). :wink:

Try using Video4Fuze.  like tapeworm said, you did not specify any details, so I am assuming that, like many people, you are having trouble with the badly-programmed Sansa Media Converter.  Video4Fuze is the way to go, if that is your problem.  Also, Video4Fuze works better with a larger number of imput formats (videos to be converted), which is a huge plus.

Unless you aren’t using either program.  The Fuze requires each video to contain specific video settings, giving an error message if these requirements are not met.  That was why SMC was created (I assume).  However, it as too many bugs to be considered practical.