Sansa Media Converter *HELP!!!!!!*

My Sansa Media Converter Wont show up on initial connection, when i connect my SanDisk Sansa Fuze 2GB To the computer, ive installed the program on the disk. Plz Help!

Can you just launch the SMC from the Desktop shortcut?

check if you installed it correctly.

click on Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. You should see Sansa MEdia Converter in the list.

I downloaded the only Sansa Media Converter I could find, which says it is verion 1.0, and it doesn’t seem to see my player (Fuze 8GB) or want to convert any files. The day after I installed it, it started crashing when I try to open video files.  I see that only MPEG-4 files are supported - does that mean that’s all I can convert, or that’s what everything gets converted to?

I checked the Add/Remove programs and it’s listed. I’m running Windows 2000, SP1

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Ken Cartwright

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Try this link:

Thank you for the link - I downloaded what was there and it didn’t make a difference.  It is still version one, but has some info after it (which was what was there before, I just didn’t type it into my previous post): Sansa Media Converter Version 1.0 B004.236CDG

I can load video files in, but the convert button is always grayed out, and it never recognizes the player.  I also mis-typed earlier - I have Windows 2000 SP4 

Any help is appreciated. 

You have the right version of SMC.  Im not sure Windows 2000 is supported however.  I assume you are using the Fuze in MSC mode,  correct?

I had a lot of trouble with my e200 and Win2K…  I’ve recently flipped to XP SP2 and the issues resolved themselves.  Sansafix is right, it’s just not supported.

The minimum requirements for SMC.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
Recommended System Requirements
Intel® Pentium® III 600 MHz
Intel® Pentium® 4 1.8 GHz
Video card
800 x 600, 16-bit color
800 x 600, 24/32-bit color
Operating system
Windows XP
Sound card
Windows compatible sound card
Free hard disc space
DirectX support
DirectX 9

Works with Vista as well.

Go Sansa!

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Correct Win2K is not supported and we confirmed it does not work with SMC.  WinXP SP2 is the minimum requirement.

I just bought a c250 MP3.  Are there certain functions that won’t work and won’t be able to be used with 2K Pro or will I be so limited that I won’t even be able to recharge the battery?

You can use it in MSC mode and charge the battery no problem. You just cant use SMC to convert your images to save in the Photos folder.

I’m new here. Just bought a Fuze 8gig. Downloaded the media converter. I have XP SP2. I have Quicktime. I have the latest version of SMC. I just don’t have a convert button when I run the software. I’ve tried several different videos of various formats, and no convert button. Now I admit I don’t have the Fuze connected to the computer, but the software states that it will store the converted video in a temporary folder. Unfortunately, I don’t get a convert button…

That’s an outdated manual.  Connect the player in MTP mode, and it will allow it.

You need to connect the Fuze into your pc inorder for SMC to know what video format it need to convert to. SMC is a Sansa converter, it can convert video to View, Fuze, E200 and Connect.

how do i get my computer to recognize the player in mtp device mode

From the Fuze menu, select “Settings” -> “System Settings” -> “USB Mode”

I set my Sansa Fuze into MTP under USB Mode, and then connected my Fuze to the computer so that it launched SMC.  Unfortunately, SMC says “No Available Player.  Please connect your player.”

I am running XP SP2, and downloaded SMC just a couple of weeks ago.

What now?