Sansa Fuze+, (sansa media converter)

I just bought a sansa fuze+ it didnt come with a disk like the old fuze did, so i read the booklet and it said to go to and download the media converter there

(i wanted to put my anime on it to watch when im not at my laptop)

but it wont even open :'( 

it loads up, starts unpacking, then says

"setup wizard detects that you have already installed sansa media converter would you like to reinstall it? "

i clicked okay then it loads something then it says click to finish set up and then it disapears. if i click cancel it disapears.

if i open it up again it does the same thing, and ive tried uninstalling it and anything else like it and it still does it.

ive been reading forums for help but so far nothings working.

:confused: its it because i have windows vista and not 7? :S

this is depressing…

help? please?:cry:

Why not just use video4fuze? It’s a lot less problematic than SMC.

In my experience, everything is less problematic than SMC.


Check if the Sansa Media Converter is installed under the Start tree: Start > All Programs > just under SanDisk you might see Sansa Media Converter   if it has installed.

You don’t have to use the Sansa Media Converter with the Fuze+, you can simply use Windows Media Player.  Click on Videos to see if the media player has found the files you would like, and drag them to the sync list after clicking on the Sync tab.  Once the videos are in the list, click on Start Sync to manually send the files over.  They will be tailored to the Fuze+ screen automatically.

To download the SMC, the Fuze+ must be plugged in while the Sansa Updater is running.  This is to verify that you have a valid device before download will begin.  It’s a quirk, but it had to be done for licensing requirements, royalties and all, making vendors happy.  This way, the media converter is free for Sansa users.

Bob  :smiley: