Sandisk 4gb MicoSD Card

My wonderful girldfriend bought me a 4gb MicroSD card for my birthday to put into my Sansa Express 1GB and be able to put my full music collection into it.

I pop it in all excited and plug it up and low and behond it doesn’t work. The Sansa won’t see it and it won’t upload files. I read out here and to my disapointment I see that back in July people have asked when it would work and there is no response.

When will a 4gb SHDC Micro SD card work with the Sansa Express?

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The last I knew the Express does not work with microSDHC.

Anyone know when an update will be available to the firmware to allow it to use SHDC cards?

There is no set date when SanDisk will release their firmware.

OK, does anyone know if they plan on supporting SDHC on the Sansa Express?

No one knows that, too.

This is aggrivating to say the least, it would be nice if someone from Sandisk would step up here.

I looked all over the Sansa Express descriptions, manuals, specs, and support information and there is NOTHING that says it will not accept over a 2GB card, ANYWHERE.

Now, I am stuck with a 4GB card that has been opened and the store will not return it or exchange it and it will not work in the player. Also, Sandisk won’t say if there will be a firmware update that will update the player and when it will be released.

If I wasn’t out the $68 I paid for the card I wouldn’t care as the player is a great player but this is terrible.

HEY SANDISK, STEP UP AND TELL PEOPLE! You have a stupid “compatibility” checker that is listed on your site on each products page but it doesn’t even include your own products!

Off to buy a Creative Zen that supports the card or sell the card. Thanks for nothing Sandisk.

You can get an e200 then put Rockbox on it.  That will support microSDHC card.

You are correct there but from what the Rockbox people say it doesn’t work with Rhapsody subscrition music and that is where i get most of my music from.

If they are MP3s or M4As, the music should work.

Nope, Rhapsody uses WMA and that is why it doesn’t work with Rockbox, already checked into it.

Even WMAs are supported, but protected WMAs are not.

Really? Could have swore that was what I was saying all along since I said they were SUBSCRIPTION tracks.

If you look at this page

It says “2007-07-03: WMA codec initial support”

Yeah, I have a thread running over there and they say that it still isn’t possible. I wish I could just get the stupid 2GB limit off the Sansa Express so I can use the 4GB card with it.

the limit is probably not software based, but hardware based so it cannot read the 4GB MicroSDHC card… but maybe i am wrong, and that can be changed via a firmware update :dizzy_face:

So full circle we have come.  When is a firmware update, and what will it fix?

Sandisk support of music players is very lackluster to put it mildly. 

I agree, I’d like the same answers.

The support supervisor named Brian that said he was going to call me back on a firmware update has yet to call but honestly that doesn’t surprise me. I called in and they said he was researching it yet and would call me in a few hours, that was yesterday afternoon.

Oh well, maybe time to buy Creative.

I am looking at Cowon myself.