Sandisk 4gb MicoSD Card

Here’s my opinions about the SDHC cards.

I believe that the reading of the cards is pretty much a firmware issue rather than hardware. I mean it’s nearly like trying to install another device onto a computer. Back then Windows 98 never had the drivers (which are software based), to run USBs. Like a Win 98 computer, the SE doesn’t have the ability to read the SDHC (which is just a structure change increasing memory block size).
I just hope that is the problem, otherwise, my other theory is that the STMP3600 (the chipset that this device runs on, including the Creative Zen V) was not originally designed to read SDHC (since they are fairly new). So Sandisk may need to rewrite the that part of the chipset in the firmware update as well.

If the Creative Zen V can do it, then the SE can too (except on a smaller screen), since they both run on the exact same chipset. So if Sandisk actually says they can’t. Well, now we know that bs.

They say that the e200 series can’t as well but if you install Rockbox on one they can, so it is certainly in software related and not the hardware.

I noticed that the new v2 versions of the C200 series can now suppprt SDHC as well so I think they are writing software for them, question is whether or not they will for the other players out.

What really steams me about the whole ordeal is that no where on the Sandisk site do they mention a 2GB limit for the Express. They also have a compatibility checking tool but it doesn’t include their own products. This would answer a lot of questions and solve a lot of frustration right from the start.

Response from SanDisk says they will not update the Express to support SDHC.

I guess 4GB is the limit now…

Yes, if you have the 2GB Express and add a 2GB card, for 1GB Express users the limit will be 3GB. Just to clarify, the largest card that will work in the Express is a 2GB card.

Well, that’s until nano technologies make the mem board to be even smaller to allow normal mem block 4GB cards.