Micro sdhc 4Go

Hi !

do you hnow if can use in my Sansa Express the model Kingston Micro sdhc 4 Go (classe 4)

I receved this model Sansa Express for Christmass gift , it my fisrt Mp3 players .

If you have a good information for me ,

       thank a lot


I have the same question/issue. Got the kingston card thinking the micro SD is micro SD and can’t seem to get it working. Any thoughts?

There seems to be a problem with some of the Kingston microsdhc cards being supported. I personally use 4gb and 8gb transcend class 6 cards and they work flawlessly.

I had the same exact problem.

And it was the kingston brand.

For some reason Kingston memory does not work on these players.

I bought a 4gb transcend card for $6 shipped from newegg. Problem solved.