need help with sansa express and microSDHC

Hello guy’s, got PX100 yesterday
And yeah I like them much ,
so about my question , I got Sansa Express 2GB model,
and need an microSD to get more memory, I checked at KB at sandisk community , and that waht I got :
10GB Sansa Express Working! - Sansa Express - Welcome to SanDisk’s Sansa Community
Answer - Sansa player comparisons
so basicly a need to know from sansa espress users ,what microSDHC you use ,and did it work well with the player?
coz if ill buy the 8GB model and it make prob’s , ill be unable to turn it back ,coz the package will be opened, so what you recommend me to do ?
THX , and sorry for my bad english ,not that it so bad really ,I just not write to much in english ,but can explain and understand almoust eveything people say or write

PS. find this :

so does the 1000 songs mean a coud use 1500 songs ?

or i still see only 1000 on the player ? or it sepperate ?

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I have a 1 GB Express. I ordered 4 GB Transcend micro sd card from It works fine with the player. I avoided GB Card since I wasn’t sure it would work.

after plugging the unit to the computer, the player and the card are recognized separately. I just drag and drop the mp3’s into  both. Be prepared to have patience when turning the player on. The bigger the card is, the longer it takes the database to load itself.

You may need to upgrade the firmware in order to get support for up to 4GB microSDHC memory cards. 4GB is the highest that SanDisks “officially” says the Express can work with.

However, it is possible to get it to work with an 8GB card, but it needs to be reformatted with a different cluster size than normal. And, even then it may not always work correctly.

The Express has problems working correctly all by itself (even without any memory card). Adding memory cards creates additional problems, and of course, trying to use larger cards makes things even worse.

I’d say, unless you are willing to do a lot of extra messing around with things, stay with 4GB or less for any memory card you plan to use with the Express.