MicroSD card sizes

I’m wondering what sizes of cards my Sansa Express can take. I’m thinking about buying a bigger card or two before a trip coming up, but I can’t find any definitive information about this.

I just updated it to the 01.01.12 firmware, if that changes anything.

I’ve used a 16GB microSDHC in mine with that same firmware.  Rebuilding the database takes longer for the larger capacity cards, but that’s the only difference.

Oh, fantastic! Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: So then they don’t have a problem with the SDHC cards then?

I have had no problem with 8GB and 4GB cards working.  But, the database building time gets outrageous when the 8GB is close to full.  It seems the number of playlists and songs being in multiple playlists make the database build time *much* worse.  The ugliest I had was 12 minutes. Everytime I turned it on.  When I deleted the playlists, it shortened considerably (less than 5).

Is the database build process documented anywhere?  Or anyone have more specific info on how we could speed it up?


I was actually going to ask if that was a common problem for others; having to wait for it to rebuild the database every time you use it. :frowning:

Any idea why it takes so long?

“Building the Database” means that it’s “taking inventory” of the files, reading the names and the tags so that it can display them in the menu.  It does this everytime you turn it on to check for added, removed or changed files.  The more files there are, the longer it takes to “Build the Database”.  Larger cards obviously can contain more files, so it takes longer when they are filled up.

It does take time, but if it didn’t do this, file corruption could occur, and you also wouldn’t know exactly what songs were on it.

There is some debate as to whether it should do this everytime, or only when the content is changed.  I don’t know if the Express has any way to know if the content is changed, so maybe doing it everytime is a precaution.  There is no way for the user to speed it up, and since the Express has been discontinued, I doubt Sandisk will offer any more updates.

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