Firmware/MicroSD question

My Sansa Express is about 9 months old and I’ve had no problems with it so far. Granted I’ve only put 105 songs on it and used up 556MB, but I’m considering buying a few microSD’s for my Express and my cellphone.

I’m just wondering what microSD card I should be able to use with the Sansa Express.

I’m leaning towards 2 gig Kingston with 397 reviews.  However, two of the reviews said the card doesn’t work with the Sansa Express though there were many reviews that said it worked with other Sansa products.  There wasn’t enough details to determine whether the problem was the firmware, the card, or PEBMAC.

Wondering if that is something going to happen to me or would updating my firmware to the latest would resolve that possible issue.  My current firmware is: 01.00.15A2 which seems to be pretty old.

Any help or confirmation would be appreciated.

I have purchased a SanDisk 8gb micro sdhc card. I’m quite dissipointed with it as it doesn’t seem to be capable with many things, even things that dont’ have any problems reading a 4gb sdhc card. I think its retarded but whatever. With the Sansa express it actually shows the correct size of the card under settings, however when I plug it into my computer it shows up as 3.60gb, so its basically limited to 4gb for some unknown reason. A firmware update for this would be great, as this clearly does not sound like a hardware issue but a software issue.