MicroSD Problem

Thanks to everyone for reporting the problem with the Sansa Express on use of 2 GByte cards.  I was very close to buying an Express and came here to verify whether the Express could use the new HD formats for the SD cards.  To my surprise, I found this thread showing all the problems people are having with the standard format cards. 
It’s surprising that a major memory manufacturer should have bobbled the ball so badly in the area they should be strongest.
As others have said, I have been looking for a compact player that was expandable. I suppose I will wait and watch for sometime longer.  Perhaps Sandisk will get their act together and I will buy a unit in the future.

It’ll be fixed in the future w/ a FW Update.

I mean 2gb  MSD cards are still fairly new.

Honestly, the 2GB cards, work for all the firmwares of the express, except for the newest.  Even then, it still works - Just not friendly with Kingston or PNY cards.

I have the Sansa Express 1GB player and while I do want a MicroSD Card, I will wait for Sandisk to create the fix for this problem before buying a MicroSD Card, However I’am not sorry that I have bought the Express.

I use it for music and audio books on the bus to and from work, a MicroSD Card will increase its capacity but not its usability.

well… i have a problem too… i got my se not too long ago and i wanted a small player with a screen, preferably, and this seemed to fit the build… plus it had a microsd card slot, which was a big plus! well it works great and as soon as i put the sd card in there… its been acting funny… as in the boot times are the same… but when i turn it off or on… the little dog thing only goes half way across the screen and stops… but it works fine… it keeps on reseting all my settings, custom eq and shuffle… annoying as hell… and when i put the sd card in there and put music on it… it will only fill up half way… and then say the device has stoped operating or something and when i turn it on it only detects the music in the **bleep** thing and not the sd card… if i remove it and put it back in it says its refreshing… which does nothing… but other then the sd card problem ive had a good time with this little thing so far… btw i have the newest firmware, 01.01.01A2, and after i upgraded it, of course… i read that its the worst thing to do… i dont know how to roll it back unless someone posts the old fw… its the 1gb black with a sandisk microsd card… please sandisk… fix this annoying problem!! or i could get a new one and see if that works… i have the recipt somewhere…

I bought mine SE 2 Gb two days ago, together with a microSD 2.0 Gb card from SanDisk.
I was a little nervous when I read those articles after I had decided and ordered my SE. But they are working fine together. No problems with the memory card so far
Firmware installed is 01.01.01F2

The issue with 2GB cards, is with NON sandisk cards… but sandisk says they are working to fix it, and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

well my problem is with a sandisk 2gb microsd… so its not just other cards… its their own brand… i think this whole thing is retarded… how simple would it be to roll back the update? what did the new one do? other then mess up counless peoples se’s?

I wish I could roll back my firmware update. I have had so many isues with this latest update… Sandisk support said that a rollback was not possible and it would damage my hardware. ???

I guess I should have used the same theory that used to hold true for updating your bios, if it works leave it alone! I am telling everyone that I know not to buy from Sandisk, based on their poor support. If they do buy the express, which I loved before the update, do not even use the CD that comes with the player. There is no need to update the firmware.

i can’t even get better firmware, i thought it would fix my 1gb sd prob, but no, i got the updater, put the player in and downloaded it onto it, took it out, looked at the system info and it still said the name of my old firmware, i think the hole firmware thing is just a joke i don’t even think it does a thing, i’m getting so fed up with Sandisk, how hard is it, theyre a multi milllion dollar company, i think they can put their back into it.

Try this stand alone firmware update.

It’s the 01.01.05f

i got myself a 2gb Sansa Ex juz a while ago with a 2gb sandisk microSD.

to me it was a good buy but the prob was dat it started giving weird prob n it has been getting worse recently as i addeed more things into the microSD.  im really upset with it. does anyone know wat i can do with it?

it gets stuck affter the lil monsta leaves…(where it says refresh database. do not remove SD)

n at times, it juz goes blank and offs on its own…

wats wrong with it?!

but it seems to work fine witout the microSD though…

can sum1 tell  me wats wrong??? 

I’d guess that the microSD problem is file or disk corruption.  Possibly caused by disconnecting the device from a computer which doesn’t support MTP, which requires a safe disconnect (or trashcan on the Mac) in order to properly remove it.  Windows XP & Vista with Windows Media Player 10 or 11 support MTP.

If the SD shows up in the computer, you can try formatting it using the computer.  Copy anything you don’t want to lose.  Then, assuming this works, format it again using the Express menu.