SDHC Compatibility?


new here, I have read  every single thread about micro sd card. I’m still confused though.

FOr somme people, it is possible to have a 8gb, for some the player only see 4 gb, and every review of the **bleep** thing that I can find on the net says that the sansa express support micro sd card up to 2 gb.

What’s up with that? Can some one please enlighten me?

(My english is bad and i’m sorry about that. I have a good excuse, I’m french)

I’ll take a stab at this… When these players first came out, sdhc wasn’t available yet, so they were not able to go above 2gb. Now, they have released a firmware (01.01.05A) that can handle this… Me personally, I have not had much luck with the 4GB Kingston that I got… Some people are having issues as well, but then agian some are not… you can give it a shot, and I hope that your’s turns out better than mine!  Good luck, and I hope this helped a little!

Can anyone verify from personal use that the Sansa Express 1GB player with the newest FIRMWARE can handle an SDHC Micro card? I know it can use SDmicro and I’ve never heard firmware allowing a new type of memory card. I have several older devices that can only handle SDmicro and not SDHC even with the newest of firmwares…

If this is true it would be nice, but I really don’t want to get my hopes up on this one until I hear from someone who has actually tried it.

8GB SDHC Sandisk brand SDHD Micro cards are only $20 right now.

Please verify if you can. Thanks!

pretty sure 2GB is the limit.

Too bad. It would have been nice to have 8GB of space, but then again it would probably take forever to “refresh database” with 8GB of mp3s. I actually didn’t have any luck with my Kingston 2GB sdmicro card either. They told me it’s the card’s fault, but it works fine in my computer and in my M3 Simply card so it’s gotta be the Sansa.

Do you happen to know any other mp3 players that can take SDHC for around the same price along with the FM radio, voice recorder? I am avoiding iPod at all costs! Thanks

Hi drlucky, Ive got a 4 Gig Micro - SD Card (CnMemory MicroSD Transflash) properly working in my SansaExpress.



I also use a 4gB Sandisk brand micro SDHC card in my Express.

It’s the same situation with me-- 1GB Express with a SanDisk 4GB SDHC expansion card. Works just fine–even though you have to wait for it to refresh its database. Just make sure to format the card first–and be prepared to wait. And…I’ve also read from another post here that if one puts songs into the internal memory AND the external memory, it tends to cut down the time needed for the SE to do the whole database refreshing. Hope that helps…

8GB Sandisk Micro SDHC with latest firmware works fine. Database refresh is slow only first time.

Any chance you can give us the class rating of this 8Gb card that you have working ?