Issues with 8GB SDHC

Hi Guys.

I’ve just bought an 8GB Sandisk SDHC Class 2 for use with my Sansa Express. I’ve been unable to transfer songs directly onto my SD card then slotting it into the express, so I’ve been transferring songs over USB with the card in the Express’s slot. This worked fine for the initial transfer, but now I’m trying to add a few more albums using the same method. After transferring them across,the Express can’t see them at all. I plug the Express back into my PC, and explorer can see both the new and the old files. I’ve tried deleting the files and retransferring them without success.

I’m already on the latest firmware and I’ve had no such issue with my 2GB card. Please help!

(Also, is there any way to stop it rebuilding the database after each time it’s plugged into a USB port? It takes ages and isn’t necessary if I’m only plugging it in to charge :()

From reading other threads, apparently there is a 1000 song limit. I’ve checked, and the Express is only showing 1000 songs.

Kinda lame limitation. Any prospects of a fix with the next firmware?

It’d be great to see an option to stop artists’ names being displayed in the artist view if all of their tracks are flagged with the compilation ID3 tag.