New firmware is coming to fix the boot up problem & microSD problem

Hi Guys,

I heard that SanDisk is going to release a new firmware for Sansa Express which will fix the problem with device’s boot up & the microSD 2G issue in about a week or so.  So I’m waiting for the new firmware to come so I can enjoy my music on this cool player again.  Hoooray.  Hopefully I won’t be disappointed.


ITS ABOUT **bleep** TIME! i bet they just finially got tired of people complaining… and just put this out there… just to see what happens


I’ve been reading all you have about the sansa express and the problems with the micro sd card. I really like the sansa express and i was really exited to upgrade the memory with a 4G micro sd. But i doesnt work at all. What can i do? when i plug it in it only says i have 1G instaed of the 5 it should say.


     Initially, I had this problem with my microSDHC card as well. I think that a post that I read here said that if you format the card (REGULAR format, not “quick” format) in your computer first, then insert it into the SE, the increased capacity should show up under the System Info under the Settings menu. If that doesn’t work, try formatting the expansion card in the SE (there is a “Format” prompt in the Settings menu, and then choose if you want to format the internal memory or the external memory).

     So-- 2 options for you. Hope this helps…


great, looking forward to the release of the firmware.

Cademon, note that the original post, the one promising new firmware in a week, is dated 12-05-2007.

The firmware promised should have shipped before last Christmas.

Please don’t hold your breath.


1.  Load Windows Media Player 11.

2.  Format SD chip. 

I use Windows Vista; WMP 11 is built in.

And I have formatted various MicroSD chips many times, as recorded here.

Still have problems.  

Sorry, Bob.

What I found to work for me was to make sure I had music uploaded on the internal storage.

I initially was uploading all my files to the external (8GB MicroSDHC) only and the player would take forever if at all to go through and load. I thought I had the “Refresh Database” bug as it would stay on that prompt for about 30 minutes than finally kick over.

When I put files into the internal storage (1GB), the player would start playing music within 30 seconds. I use the internal storage for my transient files and the external for my main collection. I have 800 files split, 180 (935MB) in internal and 620 (3.1GB) external.

I copy straight to the device, I could transfer using the WMP11 sync but could never get the player to work after the sync. I’d much rather sync but, I’ll go with what works for me.

I can’t wait to get a new update allowing more than 1000 files to be read.

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