4 GB MicroSD Bricked my Sansa Express

I recently picked up a 4GB Sandisk MicroSD card, plugged it into my Express, connected my Express to a USB port and successfully copied nearly 4GB of music.  When I tried to use it, it started acting strangely, turning off and on, and rebuilding the database repeatedly.  I figured that I might need to update the firmware to support the 4GB MicroSD so I downloaded the software.  It got to about 50% complete and hung.  I tried running it on another computer, but it wouldn’t even recognize that the Express was plugged into the USB port (although I hear a ‘ding’ from Windows when I plug it in, but the device never shows up in the Explorer or device manager). 

I have tried the hard reset repeatedlly, I have put my older 2GB microSD card back in, taken both out, all combinations thereof, to no effect.  Right now I have a cute little Sansa Express brick.  It won’t power on and I get no display on it when I plug it into a computer.

It has performed flawlessly up to now.  Can anyone offer any ideas?

You’re not supposed to be able to use 4GB cards…

however, other Sandisk players running Rockbox can do it…

it’s up to Sandisk to release updated firmware so you, and so many other people, can use larger cards !

Sandisk, please do this for the community !

what is ur e-mail…i think I may be able to help you

The SE is unstable and unpredictable, but still a nice MP3. I debricked my 1gb SE by inserting a 512Mb micro SD card. Switched on and it just worked ?!? Had problems with a 4gb sandisk SD micro, but I kept on reformatting the SE and the 4gb card. Using both the SE format function and on PC thru windows. Also reinstalled firmware a few times (Americas version) After all that could not sync successfully, so just repeated the process, and again, and again… and then suddenly everything worked !!! I have about 1gb songs on the SD card and about 500mb on the SE. 400 of my all time greatest songs which I am not going to chage soon - if ever. I don’t want to go thru everything again.

A pain to go thru all this, but the SE now works flawlessly. And it is a great player to carry around on trips with radio and recording and easy charging and cheap so no big thing if it gets lost.

My 4 GB Transcend micro SD card works with 1 GB Sansa Express. I am A sandisk guy when it comes to SD cards. However, After reading this forum I realized many people recommend Transcend brand for Express. So, I ordered mine from Amazon. I have about 3,85 GB music on the card, and maybe 900 MB music (160 kbps mp3’s) on the player itself.

When I turn the player on, it takes a while (maybe one minute) for database to do its thing. Then ,all the music files are listed as if they were in the same directory.

I am afraid there were too many complaints about express that Sansa discontinued. I also own 2 GB clip which works perfect. It is much better than Express. Especially at the gym.

hi ppl…i am unable to locate sansa express in nearby stores,jus help me out whether sandisk ship sansa express to india…i badly need it…:smiley: