Whats new in 01.01.05a ?

Does anyone know ?

(I’m praying for SDHC support…)

Yes.  This new firmware support SDHC and fixes boot up problem & 2G microSD (Kingston & PNY in specific) problems. 

Great news !

How can we say THANK YOU to Sandisk ?

I think you just did

Yeah, I suppose so :slight_smile:

Just that you rarely see Sandisk people in here… but maybe they heard us !

Sansa Express has problems playing wave files, including its own FM and voice recordings

In the new version this problem is not solved. :angry:

At the switched off equalizer the problem is not observed.

I have Firmware 01.01.05A installed. I have 2GB Sandisk MicroSD and 4GB SDHC Sandisk MicroSD. The music folder on the 2GB is read no problem but the same folder on the 4GB is not read at all when the Sandisk Express builds the music database. In the settings this 4GB Sandisk MicroSD is recognised. What is the reason for the player not reading any music files from this 4GB microSD?

Are all of the files in MP3 format?  How many are there?  How much space do they take up?

Also, have you tried having Windows check the card for errors? Alternatively, have you tried formatting the card and retransferring your music to it?

When you plug in your microSD…make sure to turn it off and on so that the device and combine the files from the two memories together…if you just plug in ur microSD without turning it off and on…you won’t see anything…that’s just the nature of it…it does not update on the fly.