New Express firmware?

Hi all,

I’m new around here… just wondering whether SanDisk plan on releasing a new version of the Sansa Express firmware any time soon? Anybody know?

I have two Expresses - one with a 4gb card and one with 2gb. Great little machines. My wish list for future firmware would be…

  1. Speed up boot-up and navigation. Not a problem when the machine doesn’t have an SD card in it, but both slow down when there’s an sd card with plenty of tracks on it in the machine.

  2. When I try to get back to the music (album/artist/etc) list whilst playing a track, sometimes the machine throws me into a random music folder - would like a fix for that!

  3. Gapless playback option would be great :slight_smile:

Chin chin, Grifter :wink:

Apologies for bumping my own thread… is any body from Sansa actually reading these forums? Is there any chance someone from the company could just to let us know if new firmware for the express is expected or likely at some point?

Thanks in advance for your reply SanDisk Sansa, you know it makes sense :wink: