Firmware update got me too

I initially loved my Express, now I’m not so sure. I have an Express 1 Gb and did not have any problems until I updated the firmware. Now it does not even know my memory card exists, it is slow during startup and there are issues with the FM radio. This shows some problems if a company just puts out a firmware upadate without the proper testing.

Is there any way to revert back to the previous version of firmware?


nope, tough luck,

Not at this time… hopefully soon, or a firmware update

Man, I wish I read this board before I updated.

Now I can’t see my 2GB memory.  Useless.

They better firmware that problem SOON or they can kiss my loyal a$$ good bye.

Letting out this update without such simple testing is cause for some firing.

Hurry up Sansa.  You already ruined 2 of my vacations with this retrograde.  I’ll give you till Halloween then I’m onto a new company.

I know the feeling. My 2 Gb card worked great until I made the mistake of upgrading the firmware. It caused other problems but this one is the most irritating.

I liked the player but I tend to agree. If the company is going to do things like this, I will have to go to someone else. Maybe Creative…

It is maddening that this has been about two months.  They had code that was working before.  I’m starting to wonder if they’re just going to let the express just go away.  On the bright side, maybe they realize they have QC issues with their code, and don’t want to rush a release that breaks more stuff.

Firmware updates have slowed down considerably too

Just got my Express today.  Made mistake of upgrading firmware and like everyone else my new 2GB Kingston card stopped working.  All my problems (slowness, not playing music, …) seemed to go away when I removed the card.  Device seems OK now, though there may be problems waiting for me to discover.

Same her, my Kingston card no longer works in my Express.

After I contacted Sandisk to explain my problem, their only solution was to send it back. I have two concerns with this; they will relace it with some refurbished clunker when I purchased a new product and the fact that accroding to them there is nothing wrong with it since this is a valid firmware upgrade. They seem to be trying to blame it on the memory card. Oh, and they state that my idea of reverting to the previous firmware version, if even possible, would damage the hardware.

Updates like this make me wonder if Sandisk thinks that they are the Microsoft of the MP3 player world. I cannot reccommend this player to anyone else even though I really liked it in the beginning. I am telling everyone I know not to buy one but if they do, to not even put the CD that comes with the player in their computer. Throw it out!

I have warned a friend about the firmware problem as he bought one shortly after me. I caught him in time. Please warn others as this latest firmware upgrade does nothing that I can see to improve the player, it only breaks existing features.


After contacting support and having my case closed because I did not reply in time, here is the resonse I received from tech support;

“Please be informed that it is a known issue with the player when trying to use a different brand of memory card. Please do try to use a SanDisk MicroSD memory card.”

Wow what customer service. “Use our memory since we screwed up”.  I think I’m done with Sandisk, for everything.

I took out my Lexar 2 GB mem chip and the SE still will not accept anything copied to it.

Same here.  Firmware update caused problems on my brand spanking new Express.  Avoid it for now.  After 3 calls to cust svc, I finally receive an email with firmware rollback.  So keep calling cust svc, and request they send you SEFirmware file.  This fixes it.  By the way, Radio Shack sold me a C250 saying it was Audible-compatible.  Wrong.  They would not except a receipted-return because I had cut up the plastic clamshell packaging.  I gave it away to someone who wanted it.  I bought my Express from and they were fantastic…arrived next day via “ground” at no extra charge.  Very pleased.

That’s odd.  My SE has 01.01.01A (which was an upgrade to whatever it came with), but does not upgrade above that when I plug in with the updater loaded, and even try a manual update.   Do you know what revision you had before you loaded the 01.01.01A rollback?

Very confused here…