Finally got my Express back from the RMA

One stinking month. One stinking month with a 4th generation iPod. That was horrible.

Anyways my Express came back ^^ yay.

First, I’m surprised that Sandisk just shipped the retail thing and not the bulk. Free accesories.

Now down to the player itself.

Why do I have some songs in the player?! I thought these things came with nothing on them. So I’m guessing I’m using a refurbished player from Sandisk. Haha, you’re funny Sandisk…

Firmware: 01.01.01A2 No way am i upgrading. The last firmware update killed my player. I’ll update if there’s anything major that changes.

Now time for the 2GB card…
Works perfectly.
I had trouble getting it to show up on WMP. I fixed that problem by ending sync partnerships with it by right clicking the SE and “End Sync Partnership” in the Sync tab. I then re-inserted the player w/ the card loaded and now it reads and it’s perfectly fine. No hiccups, no problems.

That’s it. I’m happy.

The Express comes pre-loaded with about a dozen songs on it.

sorry, my first one never came with any songs pre-loaded.

You got a special one the first time then.  Both mine have come preloaded with stuff like “Cobblestone Waltz”, “Discotech Dancing”, “Return of the Champion”, “Faithfully A Duet with Mica Roberts”.  All the same stuff.

well. If I remember correctly, the firmware on it was 1.00.00 so maybe lol

Your FW version is 01.01.01A2?  Is that an upgrade from 01.01.01A?  My player does not do an upgrade with the FW update when I plug it in, but I have the version “A”.
Alas nothing on SanDisk website regarding what the “current” FW is.

Consider yourself lucky. If I was assured of getting a retail one back, I would RMA mine in a second and NEVER UPDATE THE FIRMWARE!!

My player also came with the “great” selection of songs. I think I kept one because it was fast tempo for working out.

… Lemme check my firmware again…

Yea it’s a A upgrade 01.01.01A2

Here’s a link to the pic

So far, I haven’t experienced any problems except for two lockups that are easily fixed.
There’s no small problems either I’m experiencing. The 2GB card works fine as well.

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