Stickers with my Express (

I never thought to go there, but when I did it was all about the E200.  Great.  Thanks for the stickers, SanDisk.

I guess the Express was a:

  1. Work In Progress.
  2. Learning Experience.
  3. Quick buck to increase revenue and satisfy stockholders.
  4. Schick (We are smarter than you think).

After spending hundreds of dollars over the years for your SD cards, several MP3 players (all which performed well), you have lost me as a customer.  Your response of the problems with this player being “it will be fixed in a firmware upgrade” which has NO DELIVERABLE AND NO SCHEDULE is not acceptable.

Goodbye SanDisk.

If it turns out sandisk is “disappearing” the express, they should offer an exchange program so we can get full value towards upgrading to one of their players they actually plan on supporting.  If there is no firmware update forthcoming by Halloween, I plan on suggesting that often and loudly to Sandisk support.