Sansa Express 2GB not recognizing Micro card

This is regarding an earlier post having problems with my new Sandisk DS Micro card. I have been advised to update firmware and format Sansa with card in the device. Thank you to who ever sent that info to me. However, I have read some ‘horror stories’ regarding updating the firmware so I am reluctant. My firmware version is 01.01.01E2 - is this the latest, does anybody know?

When I put the 2GB card in the MP3 and go to system info it still shows 1954MB, which is the 2GB internal memory size! Does this mean that I definately have a faulty card?


Many thanks in anticipation.

Your firmware is not the latest - that’s 01.01.05A.  I haven’t seen many horror stories myself and I’ve been here for a little while; it’s the newest firmware, so a lot of people have it.  It works fine for me. *shrug*

Also, 1954MB sounds about right for any 2GB card, player, or flash drive.  Don’t forget that your card and player have the same capacity each to begin with.  

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Thanks to all who replied,


Yes, as I said, my player shows 1954MB, whether the card is in or not! Therefore, the card does not seem to be recognized! Could a firmware update and/or format fix this?