Rhapsody track downloads

I have a sansa clip+.Recently the Mp3 started rapidly running through all the downloaded tracks without playing them(I had a previous clip+ do the same after about 6mo of use and discarded it and replaced with this one).I updated the firmware to 01.02.18(don’t recall the previous version). Now Rhapsody will not allow tracks to download to the unit.The site indicates I need to reformat the device and at another section of the site it indicates"this pc reports it is running Microsoft Windows version 6.2. Transfers of subscription tracks to device is not supported with your version of Windows"I have not changed the operating software on the pc and this pc will transfer tracks to a Sony Mp3 registered to the same account(another pc registered to the account will also not transfer tracks to the clip+).I have so far reset the device a number of times,reformated the device multiple times(thru device,pc ,and Rhapsody site in case that made a difference),deactivated and reactivated both device and pc from Rhapsody,redownloaded 01.02.18 manually and with sansa updater and finally downloaded 01.02.16 manually without success.The device will download tracks and play normally from an SD card. Any explanations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   

Have you tried going to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and forcing it to MTP?

Also look at some of the steps down at the end of this thread:


You might also try Rhapsody Customer Service. You’re paying them for this to work, and it should.