Sansa Clip & Rhapsody to go issues

Uggh. I use my clip for my long runs and this is annoying!

Suddenly I can’t get my play lists from Rhapsody to go to load completely onto my clips (I have two, a 1GB and 2GB). My other 2GB seems to be working fine.

It transferred about 20 songs then just got stuck transferring. I got no error messages. I have tried the simple fixes (MTP mode, de and re authorize) but to no avail. It worked fine until I deleted all the songs (off of the 2GB only) and tried to reload the play lists.

Help! I need to run!

I think you need to format the device and try to update the firmware and we can also try to check the subscription that you on Rhapsody.  :wink:

Reformat how? I think I have tried that but maybe not. I’ve tried so many random things but mostly through Rhapsody.

On the Clip, under Settings (press the small “house” button on the front of the Clip and then click up or down to Settings), Format.

Well, I didn’t get a chance to do this b/c I was trying to play rhapsody and it wouldn’t let me log on so I called them to fix it and just asked them for help with my clip as a side note and what do you know it (at least one of my clips) seems to be working (transferring my playlists). Not sure what we did but I did check my version of Windows media player (I have vista btw), checked my version of rhapsody then while on Rhapsody I held down ctrl+shift and clicked on tools and selected backup and reset data application directory, I got knocked off rhapsody, relogged on and did it again for fun (I was confused) and low and behold one player works. I will finish loading my playlists then try the other clip and see what happens. I am not sure what I did or why I did this or what any of it means.