Rhapsody To Go getting stuck transferring to Clip

I’ve been having the problem where the Clip tells you that you have to sync with your computer to continue your subscription, even if you just synched earlier that day. I’ve done a number of things to try and get past this problem (format the Clip, deauthorize, reauthorize, etc.). Now Rhapsody gets stuck every time on the second bunch of tracks that I transfer. That is, I can transfer a few tracks successfully, then I try to transfer a few more, and the status bar almost immediately says “Downloading and Transferring 2 of 5 items to Sansa Clip 2GB,” then it gets stuck there.

I’ve got a Panasonic MP3 player that has worked beautifully with Rhapsody To Go ever since Rhapsody offered that service. Songs play for 30 days, songs transfer to it, etc. What can I do to make this fancy Sansa Clip work as well as a cheap 3-year old Panasonic MP3 player? 

If you haven’t done so, update your firmware to the latest 1.01.29 build, following the options and directions in this thread.

The subscription message issue has been addressed ( I have used Rhapsody since 1.01.11, and I feel your pain!) with the newest firmware.

Also, be sure to update Rhapsody 4 to the newest build, by clicking Help > Check for updates in Rhapsody.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

The device has version 1.01.29A of the firmware. I installed the latest Rhapsody client, and it didn’t work with either the Clip or the Panasonic player. I then reinstalled the older version of Rhapsody (version 4.0, build 2.610), and it at least transfers some of the tracks to the Clip. I’ve always thought that Real Networks’ software is just about the buggiest software out there; far buggier even than Microsoft software. It appears that Sandisk wants to put itself in the running.