Synchronize to continue your music subscription?

I just bought the Sansa Clip and have downloaded about 250 songs from rhapsody with the 30 day trial. After about an hour of listening to my songs it stops and the screen reads " Syncronize to continue your music subscription" Is it going to keep doing this? will i have to connect to my computer everytime it does this to continue to keep listening?


Nah, that’s just Rhapsody doing its thing. In the Rhapsody 4 client, right-click on your Clip, and select “license” to send a new copy over to the device. Then, let’s be sure that the secure clock is matched. Hold [Ctrl] [Shift] and right-click on the Clip in the sources pane. Select “Reset Secure Clock”.

Be sure to update to the newest 1.01.29 firmware , as the Rhapsody “subscription expires early” note is mentioned in the release notes.

In cases where the Rhapsody subscription is being a toad, select “deauthorize”, then “authorize” the device once more, then disconnect.

Though it may seem a pain, the next step if to use the Format function on the device, then reauthorize the device from the Rhapsody 4 client. A helpful tip: don’t try to load more than one full screen of songs at a time to the device, as large group transfers can be problematic with Rhapsody.

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“In the Rhapsody 4 client, right-click on your Clip, and select “license” to send a new copy over to the device.”


I don’t get this option for on mine.  If I right click my device, I only get the options of “Device Options” (which is blank and has no choices related to this issue) or “Disconnect.” 

If the license option does not display, the Clip is in MSC mode , and cannot accept To Go transfers.  On the Clip, select MTP by going to Settings > USB Mode > MTP.

On the PC, you will need Windows Media Player 10 or 11 for the MTP protocol.

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ok I have two of these things and they both say that subscription thing, I set the clips to mtp but as for the pc instructions  what  do you do on the pc(yes I guess I’m tech stupid or something) HELP!!!