Stop telling me to synchronize with computer!!

I like to listen to music and sometimes I like to travel, overnight even.  The Sansa Clip is great, but I’m getting sick of the device completely out of the blue just deciding to stop working(months before my Rhapsody membership expires) and telling me to “synchronize with your computer.”  This happens every few days.  Now I’m in a hotel, thousands of miles from my computer to synchronize with it.  I am so sick of this device stopping like this all the time and rendering itself useless.  Is there any way to get around this?  This is pathetic that I paid my dues and I can’t even take it on a business trip that lasts more than 2 days because the device can’t stand on it’s own without logging on to my computer.

I share your pain.  The trouble is in the DRM authorization from Rhapsody, most often.  Next time you plug in to feed your Sansa, open Rhapsody, and from the top menu, select “Update Track Licenses”.

Then, in the “Sources” pane, right-click on your Clip, and Deauthorize it.  Once the “success” message pops up, then Reauthorize it.  The wee progress bar will show success.

Now, let’s play it safe and beat this wee beastie into submission.  Right click the Clip, and select License.  This will refresh your music files’ leaf licenses.  Then, the coup de grace: hold Control+Shift, and right click on the Clip one last time.

Select Reset Secure Clock.

That’s a refresh of everything.

Now the next time it fritzes your authorization, I’ll bang my head on the wall with you.  I love WM DRM.  Thanks, Microsoft!!

Bob  :smiley: 

I’ve got the same problem with a Sansa Clip. I’ve tried the steps suggested below by neutron_bob, but the problem persists. I’ve tried lots of other stuff, too. Any other suggestions?


Make sure you update your firmware and the Rhapsody client to the latest as there have been fixes in this area.

I have the same problem. do i need to be member of rhapsody to be able to solve the problem?  i stop my subscription with rhapsody and  the sansa clip stop working.

Yes, you have to be a Rhapsody member for Rhapsody To Go to work.