Best Buy / Rhapsody to Go

I love the clip and would like to love Rhapsody to Go but it has become increasingly annoying. I most often get this message when trying to transfer files from Rhapsody to the Clip. I am a Rhapsody-to-Go subscriber and everything is logged in properly:  the Clip is recognized (in lower case) and shows all files on the clip and is connected to the Rhapsody Music Service. When I try to move a file to the clip from Rhapsody I get this error message:

"transfer: Sansa Clip 4GB

144052033.wma This track type is not compatible with your portable device." 

Usually after I try every possible combination of rebooting and changing the sequence of connecting the Clip, it will allow me to trasfer with no problems. It doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason. any ideas 

Try deauthorizing, then reauthorizing your Sansa, with it showing up in the “sources” pane.  Right click on the Clip, then select.  Then try transferring another track.


That process worked as described but doesn’t allow a transfer. I get the same error message.

Let’s try the simplest first.  On the Clip, go to Settings > Format > Yes.  This will clear the device memory.

If you have music transferred to the device, backup these files first.

Then plug in using MTP mode, and authorize the Clip once again.  See if it will accept transfers now.