Rhapsody ToGo Won't Transfer


I just purchased a Sansa Clip at Best Buy.  When I drag and drop any of my subscription Rhapsody library, I get a message that I need to purchase track because my mp3 does not support the transfer.  I know the Clip supports this, it’s why I purchased it.  I did a re-format through the settings on the Clip and nothing changed.

I did not load the Best Buy Music Store software onto my computer because I don’t want to interface with them I just want Rhapsody.  Could this have something to do with it?

Please help.

thanks so much!

the BB music store is Rhapsody just a different skin. have you authorized and licensed the clip in the rhapsody service? 

Please read the following thread in the following link for direction to get your Rhapsody To Go onto your device.