Rhapsody and Clip

I hope someone can help me.  I bought a Clip for my son specifically to be able to use it with  Rhapsody.  When I plug it in, the PC recognizes the device, but rhapsody does not.  I have tried every suggestion that I have seen posted.

Windows media player 11…yup

MTP mode…yup

latest firmware…2.01.16a…yup

reinstall rhapsody…yup

fomat device…yup

What else am I missing?

Verify communication in MTP mode by pressing the [Windows Key] + E, or go to My Computer.

Now plug in the Sansa.  How does it show up in Windows Explorer?

If it’s in MTP mode, it will list as a media device under other.  Test communication by right-clicking on the Sansa and select Properties.  Does the device serial number and battery status icon show up?

Bob  :cry:


I checked the settings.  It shows up as Sansa Clip 4 GB.  In properties, it does show the serial number and battery status.  So it is definitely in MTP mode.  Where to next?


Open the Rhapsody 4 client.  Sign in to Rhapsody.

Click on Help > Check for Updates (Don’t have the Clip plugged in during update).

Open the Music Guide and select a sample track to play.  Verify that it lets you listen to more than the basic 30-second (unregistered) sample.  This will verify all is well on the client side.

Plug in the Clip, and watch if it appears in the sources pane as Sansa Clip 4GB.

Right click on the Clip and select Authorize.  Let me know if it shows the green progress bars at this point.

Try dragging a sample track from the Music Guide over to the Clip, and see if it will transfer the track.

Bob  :wink:

I finally got it.  I went to the Rhapsody site and used their chat support desk.  The tech suggested I see if the clip showed up in WMP11.  It did not.  With that knowledge, he sugggested my MTP driver was bad.  I tested the driver in device manager and it showed fine, but I saw a recommendation elsewhere that said to delete the device, unplug it, plug it back in and let the driver reinstall.  That did the trick.  Now I can see my clip in Rhapsody, I authorized it and have begun downloading tracks.  I have a very happy 9 year old.  Thanks for all of the help and suggestions.

Good stuff!  I wish Microsoft would have written an MTP test utility, a “wizard” type application that writes a sample, and checks the transfer.  Ah, in a perfect world…

Uninstalling the MTP device, then rebooting, most often allows Windows to properly install the device.

It would be nice to be able to see where the missing link is, wouldn’t it?  Glad you’re up and running.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: