Not being recognized with rhapsody all of a sudden

Our sansa clip is not showing up on rhapsody all of a sudden. The computer will recognize it but rhapsody won’t. I tried to reinstall it and it is saying Rhapsody needs to do a update in order to be compatible with my device. I’ve updated 5 times now, and even reinstalled rhapsody!! I’m lost and could use some help. The **bleep** Rhapsody customer support people I can’t understand, so their no help!

Do you have WMP 11 installed?  Its required.

Yes, i do have wmp11. i don’t get it, my clip worked befor and now it’s just not working.

OK So Rhapsody is at the latest version,  and you can navigate the clip device using Windows explorer? 

If the clip is in MTP mode Rhapsody should be able to sync files to it.   Try deauthorizing the device ,  deauthorizing the computer, authorize the computer then authorize the device again.