Sansa Clip 1 GB and Rhapsody- MTP Problem

I recently bought the Sansa clip 1 gb for my daughter.  I have a rhapsody to go membership and am having a hard time getting it to work correctly.  I have put the player in MTP mode and formatted it both using the player itself and though vista.  I have version V01.01.32A installed. When i connect the Sansa clip, the computer recognizes it by a beep and opening an auto play window.  Under my computer, (windows vista) it is displayed under “Devices with removable storage” as SANSA CLIP (E:).   In device manager, it shows up under both Disk Drives (as  Sandisk Sansa clip 1GB USB Device") as well as under “Portable Devices” (as Sansa Clip 1GB).  When I go into rhapsody, it shows up as SANSA CLIP   … no drive or anything else.  It has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. when clip, it says that “Your device needs to be configured” and goes into detailed instructions on putting the device into MTP mode. There is no option to authorize or deauthorize this device when I right click on it.  I have tried uninstalling  the device in device manager (at both locations as well as just under portable device).  Further, just before this I installed a different mp3 player by Sony and it is working like a charm.  I verified that I do have 1 more remaining authorization for a portable device through rhapsody.   I am going crazy over here.  Any suggestions?  It seems like there is a problem either on the device side or computer side on getting the Clip to be recognized as MTP but I am at a loss.  Please help!