Problem with Rhapsody Recognizing Clip+

I cannot get Rhapsody to recognize my new Clip+. I have spoken with Rhapsody support and they think that it is a driver problem.

The computer has trouble recognizing it as well, it recognizes it different every time, as a uknown USB, as a MTP Device, and as Sansa Clip+. I am using Windows XP SP3. 

Anyone have suggestions for getting Rhapsody to recognize the device?

Your computer may be confused if the Clip+ is set to Auto in the USB mode settings. Manually select MTP mode and see if this helps.

I have tried that and still the results are the same. I have switched it back and forth from MTP to the Auto Detect mode several times. Each time there are different results. Some times it recognizes it as an “unknown USB device” sometimes as a “MTP Device” and sometimes as an “unknown device - Sansa Clip+” 

But when it has recognized it as a Sansa clip+ there is always that “error !” beside it.

and Rhapsody has still never recognized the device. 

For DRM capabilities, you need Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) operational.  This is an integrated part of Windows Media Player 10 and later.

If you have WMP 10 installed, first select MTP mode on your Clip+ by going to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MTP.  Plug in the Sansa.

Open a windows explorer window (My Computer) and have a look at the Clip+ in this window.  Is it displayed as a Clip, with an icon, at the bottom of the list, under “other”, as a media device?

Open the Device Manager and locate the Clip listed as a portable device.  Double click or right click on it, then select uninstall.  Unplug the Sansa, wait a little while, at least 15 seconds, then plug in again.  Windows will reinstall the correct MTP driver for you.