non-subscription device

Rhapsody is starting to tell me my sansa clip is a non-subscription device.

I’ve tried formatting the clip, reloaded the rhapsody software, and its in MSC mode,

Digital Rights Media such as Rhapsody requires the MTP mode.  If you have installed Rhapsody on your PC, when connecting the Sansa, you’ll notice that the device is listed as a flash drive, listed all in capital letters, such as E:SANSA CLIP.

If you right-click on the device, notice that “authorize” is not available.

Unplug the Sansa, and switch to MTP mode, by navigating, on the device: Settings > USB Mode > MTP.

Now plug in again to the PC.  If the Clip does not show up in Rhapsody as Sansa Clip 2GB (2GB for our example), the device isn’t being recognized in MTP mode.  If it shows up, right-click “authorize”, and you can now begin transferring music.  Look in the lower right corner of the Rhapsody screen: you should see “Licensed Until 7/01/2008” or similar if you click on the Sansa.  If not, try choosing a few tracks from the Music Guide; just drag and drop to the device.  Once a track is transferred, the License Date should update if it hasn’t done so.

If your device isn’t showing up, there are a few things to check with your PC.  The first is the operating system.  SanDisk requires Windows Media Player 10 (11 is better), and Windows XP SP2 minimum.  The reason for this is that the MTP drivers for the Clip are integrated into Windows Media Player.

Let us know if your Clip is recognized in MTP mode, and Rhapsody should run just fine from there.  If you have any issues, post it here!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Well, it used to show up on my computer and work with Rhapsody but now it doesn’t any more. I’ve tried it in autodetect and MTP and the clip says its connected but it doesn’t show up on my computer or on Rhapsody. Shows up ok in MSC mode though.

Okay then!  Your issue is in the PC, and home your sights on WiMP 10/11.

The drivers for MTP mode (important for Rhapsody, and any DRM issues) are an integrated part of the Windows Media Player.

Here we go, sports fans…what is your operating system, and your version of the Windows Media player?  Time to do a bit of troubleshooting.  Things are slightly different for Vista, but have a look here first.

Let us know about your WiMP installation, and we’ll go from there.  Also, look up the MTP Porting Kit available from Microsoft.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the help Bob. Looks like I lost my MTP drivers somehow, I went into the device manager and updated them again.

Glad to hear it!  MTP and Windows works well…but every now and again, it can hiccup.

Keep an eye on the Sansa as it displays when Rhapsody loads.  As a hint, if it’s all in capital letters, the Clip is in MSC mode.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: