new user of a gift given to me (sandisk sansa refurb version 01.02.15A) can't install in my laptop

i have a ‘used’ sandisk sansa refurb version 01.02.15A that my uncle gave me. but i cant install it. it says that  “the hardware was not instaled because the wizard cannot find the necessary software”. i dont know what software it needs cause im really new to ‘sansa’ players. please help me. im really excited to use it.

Sounds like you have a Clip+ model. Change the USB setting to MSC Mode (Settings > System Settings > USB Mode).

thanks tapeworm and i’ve done that… now it’s installed and working but my problem now is my pictures and videos can’t be seen in it… what do i need to do? PHOTOS and VIDEOS are empty… what do i need to fix it?

i think its not sansa clip… i saw its pics in internet… its just e250 refurb… please help me to play videos and see pictures in it… please tapeworm…

Yes, this sounds like an e250 version 1 device.

The drivers needed for this player are part of Windows; no special driver is needed except for Windows Media Player 10 or later to support MTP mode.

These devices can only communicate in one USB mode at a time. If you transfer media, be it photos, video, or music, in one mode- then switch modes, the files will not be visible from the computer, even though they are indeed on the device. To access them from the PC, you’ll need to switch back to the mode used for the original transfer.

The sample photos, music, and video on the e250 were loaded in MTP mode. If the device was “refurbished”, it’s possible that the media was reloaded in MSC. Again, it’s a quirk of the USB controller, and TWO more little issues with the version 1 device:

The MUSIC folder is hidden by default. On the PC, if you are using Windows Explorer / My Computer to transfer manually, at the top of the screen (the Explorer window), change your Folder View preferences to display hidden files and you’ll see the music folder.

The last quirk involves the lack of a delete function on the player itself. To delete files, this has to be done from the connected computer.

Transferring video to the v1 device requires the Sansa Media Converter utility. This also is used to transfer your photos to the device.

Getting the Sanssa Media Converter requires you to connect the Sansa to the computer while accessing the converter download. This is done to verify that you have an e200 device for license purposes. To do this, download the Sansa Updater , and check the box for a firmware update (the best versions are the .18 and the .24 versions, both work great; the final firmware version for the v1 player is the .24 build).

After following the directions for the Updater, and downloading the Media Converter, you can uninstall the Sansa Updater if desired. Many folks don’t like having it running in the background.

Here’s the link for the Sansa Media Converter. Load the Sansa Updater listed, and you’ll then have access to the latest firmware too, all in one process.

As you familiarize yourself with the e250, you’ll find that it’s a tough little machine. The only problematic parts are the headphone jack (easily repaired) and the scroll wheel (also easily repaired). The battery is serviceable too.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: