Sansa e260 v2 V03.01.11A

I recently had some problems with my MP3 player.  The other day I purchased a FM transmitter (more specific: DLO Transdock for Sansa).  Initially, I set everything up in my car as described in the directions for the FM transmitter.  When I unplugged the MP3 player from the transmitter, my device froze up.  I was able to get it un-froze and working properly again.  I just assumed in was a small problem and that everything would work fine.  When I attempted to hook it back into the computer using the USB cable, the device was not showing up.  I went through all of the instructions listed on your website, but still have had no luck.  When told to go to the main menu, then setting, and then to USB mode on my device, I found that there was no “USB mode” listed on the device.  I never checked before, but I do not know how to change modes without this option on my device.  Also, the website indicates that the firmware might need reinstalled, but that is not possible with the device not being recognized at all.  I attempted to go into safe mode and was unsuccessful with that.  At this point I really do not want to return this device, but I am frustrated and want to solve this problem.  I really hope that formatting the device or returning it for a new device are not my only options.  I was hoping to avoid that so I don’t lose my music.  Is there any way to avoid losing my music?  Any help would be great.  Would you recommend I return the FM transmitter as well considering it caused the device to freeze up.  Once again I appreciate you taking the time to look into this matter for me and give me some feedback.  Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Try updating the firmware on your player to version 3.01.14.

You will need to upgrade the firmware to verison 3.01.14A before giving up on the fm transmitter.  I have a feeling the firmware update will resolve that issue.

Be sure to connect the player directly to a usb port on the computer rather than a hub or any type of usb extension cable.  My computer wouldn’t find my device until I connected directly to a port on the back of the computer rather than an extension.

If the computer isn’t finding the device you can try rolling back windows media player to version 10.   Next, go to control panel, device manager, and remove the sansa e260.  Hopefully, the computer will then find the device and reinstall the driver.  Once you get the computer to recognise the device the priority should then be to upgrade the firmware.  There is a way to switch to MSC mode without using the settings menu, which the 3.01.11A firmware lacks, but I don’t know it right offhand.  Search through the messages on this board and I’m sure you find out the technique.

To get MSC mode with out-of-the-box v2 firmware:

slide the hold switch to the locked position and holding down the rewind button << then connect it to the computer.

If you have a Sansa E200 series player with firmware V03.01.11a then you will NOT have the capability to change to USB Modes (MTP Only, No MSC). This feature was disabled in the V03.01.11a firmware. To get the ability to change to USB Modes back in the player you will have to upgrade the firmware.

This instruction was done on my e280 player and will work with all e200 series player.

  1. Place the Play in UNLOCK positon and turn player ON.
  2. Download the V03.01.14a (America) Firmware and extract the “e200pa.bin” file.

  1. Connect the Sansa player to the computer (MTP mode).
  2. Open “My Computer”
  3. In the explorer window select the “SanDisk Sansa e280” Portable Media Player.
  4. Open the “Data” folder. (My Computer\SanDisk Sansa e280\Data)
  5. Copy the “e200pa.bin” file into the “Data” folder.
  6. Disconnect the e280 player.  Screen will show updating firmware.
  7. Power up the Player and you will have option to change to MSC.
  8. Sansa updater will now work.

My e280v2 was shipped in MTP mode, with the 3.01.11a firmware.  The cool thing was the Sansa Updater, installed for the Clips earlier.  The first time I connected the new device, the Updater saw the early firmware, and I avoided the issue entirely.

At the same time, the option to install the User Manual on your hard drive is also available.

It’s also possible to load the firmware in MTP mode, just double click “internal memory” in MTP mode, and drag the bin file there.

Once disconnected, you’re in business!  The Sansa screen will say “Firmware Update in Progress”.

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  1. Place the Play in UNLOCK positon and turn player ON.
  2. Download the V03.01.16a (America) Firmware and extract the “e200pa.bin” file. (See Link Below)
2. Connect the Sansa player to the computer (MTP Mode).
3. Open “My Computer”
4. In the explorer window select the “SanDisk Sansa e280” Portable Media Player.
5. Open the: (Your computer may come up in one of the following formats)
     a. “Data” Folder. (My Computer\SanDisk Sansa e280\Data) OR
     b. Memory Root.   (My Computer\Sansa e280\Internal Memory)
6. Copy the “e200pa.bin” file into the “Data” folder or in the memory root.
7. Disconnect the e280 player.  Screen will show updating firmware.
8. Power up the Player and you will have option to change to MSC.
9. Sansa updater will now work to get the latest firmware.

Here are the official instructions on how to get your e260 into MSC mode

For Windows Users - Connect the Device in any Mode and follow the Update instructions below.

Mac and Linux users can connect their e200 in MSC mode by changing the settings in USB Mode or by following the instructions below.

MSC mode instructions:

  1. Turn on the e200 v2
  2. Put the device in Hold (move Hold button until orange is showing)
  3. Press and hold the Left Button
  4. Plug the 30 pin connector into the device (be sure the USB is plugged into the computer)
  5. Wait for the e200 drive(s) to show up
  6. Follow instructions below and drag files to the e200 drive


(also has a link to the latest firmware)

WHY oh WHY do they make things so hard for people trying to use their product?

Thanks a lot c1u31355. 

your guru advice worked like a breeze…

do we have upgrade version more than 3.01.16A

Utamsarnaik wrote:
do we have upgrade version more than 3.01.16A

No, that’s the latest & greatest. There won’t be any more.