Mu Sansa e260 is frozen.

    My Sansa E-260 seems to be frozen. All it does is power on and show a screen saying “REFRESH DATABASE”. A bar below seems to refresh the databae and then stops. After that it does freezes and nothing can be done with it. My computer also does not recognize it when connected. :cry:

Hold power for 15 second to relaod.If the problem persists, put it to recovery mode (HOLD -> REC -> POWER) and run the firmware updater, if it STILL hapens, format and reload tunes :slight_smile:

Hello, I have the same problem,  I followed your instructions yet the screen says switch to msd mode yet I cannot do this if this is the only screen I get, please Help

The ultimate fix for all e2xx problems - Format, enter Recovery Mode , downgrade firmware Link, reinstall newest firmware via newest Sansa Updater, reload tunes.

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Thank you for the info. However it does not seem to work. And how can I update the firmware as the computer does not even recognize the Sansa, when I connect itg via a USB cable.

as i said, enter recovery mode:put sansa on hold than hold the record button and turn on your sansa keep holding the rec button till u see: **welcome to recovery mode**
and than try what i told u!