Sansa Clip --- Help me, please

Daughter got one for Christmas.  I’ve been working for hours trying to get the thing to work.  The computer initially shows the new hardware added - Sandisk.  Then that quickly changes to new hardware added–USB Mass Storage Device.  When I went to My Computer, it was not listed.  In the Device Manager, it said that the device was not working.

I’ve downloaded the latest update and installed it.  It said to connect the Clip and hit next.  Nothing happened.  I even copied the .bin file to the destination folder as someone else suggested.  Guess what?  No help still.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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What do you want to happen that is not?

When you’ve connected to the computer, it did what it should–connected.  At that point, go to My Computer and open it up, and there should be a drive there for the Clip–that’s the player.  Open the folder and then the folder in that, and then there should be a Music folder there–that’s where you drag your music to, to play it later.  (There’s a separate thread here today on how to get music onto your player.)  And then disconnect, and play.

Does that help?

It never connected so that I could use it.  It just said in the bottom right that it had found the new hardware - then, in less than 15 seconds, it gave the other message.  It never appeared in My Computer.

I have the same problem.

The computer initially shows the new hardware added - Sandisk.  Then that quickly changes to new hardware added–USB Mass Storage Device.

The clip itself shows that it is connected and charging.


When you check My computer nothing is listed.

The device manager shows: This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Uninstall with rebooting did not work.

Updating through windows on line did not work.

Looking for the divice driver on Sandisk I could only find the firmware updater, which does not appear to be able to communicate with the clip at present.

Exactly what I’m going through.

Now that’s bizarre.  I just tried it and no problem here.  Not to be simple, but you’ve clicked on the My Computer folder and there’s no new drive there, right (whatever it might be called)?

I had something like this occur to me earlier when Windows assigned the same drive letter to 2 devices (one of which was internal in the computer and so not easily seen as creating any issue)–the second device never appeared under My Computer.  The answer was something along the lines of, go into the Windows Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Management and to reassign a device to a new drive letter (I may be somewhat off here, unfortunately, as to where to do this–it’s been awhile).   

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I went through and got click happy trying to update the driver.  Somehow I clicked on the right combination and it worked. 

Thanks Miikerman

Does everyone have Windows XP SP2 (or newer, e.g. Vista) AND Windows Media Player 10 (or newer, WMP11 is much less fickle)?

XP SP2 and WMP10 are the official minimum requirements, although you can put it permanently in MSC mode after the firmware update and use on any USB mass storage-compatible computer. 

That said, it will NOT appear in My Computer as a Sansa Clip unless you have Windows XP SP2 or greater, AND Windows Media Player 10 or greater.

Once you have those two requirements met, try adding songs by going into the Sync portion of Windows Media Player.

Please refer to older posts on how to update firmware.  There should be a sticky thread at the top of the forum on how to create playlists using something other than WMP10 or WMP11. 

***Searching and looking at older posts can be very helpful.  Many questions were answered after Thanksgiving, when Best Buy had a promotion and a lot of people bought their Clips.  :-) 

That’s great to hear.  I know that there’s a “logical” series of steps to follow, if only one can find it in all the many options.  It could be that by updating or reinstalling a driver, that kicks the system into assigning a new drive letter.  Good show!

I know the frustration you peeps are going through.  I got an SDMX11R clip for my girlfriend (I still use a walkman cassette player) for her to download her songs and mp3 books.  Thinking driver installations were a no brainer this day and time, I proceeded to insert the “Worst Buy” installation disk…thinking the driver would just install.  Guess what…It bounces me to their site and tells me I need an account to get “the maximum features on this unit activated”…Wait… this to install a driver?..I hate Worst Buy and only bought it there because someone gave me a gift card I needed to squander.  I get the same load error in XP with Serivce Pack2…finds the device…but won’t show up in My Computer.  There is an error in system/hardware/devices…showing the usb device didn’t load.   Hey…maybe I just need to become a slave to BestBuy and buy their music…and the device will mysteriously work.  Tried to get a driver straight from SanDisk…and the model isn’t even listed in their download page…no wonder XP won’t recognize it…heck, neither does SanDisk!!!  Well I’m ready to return it and buy another brand and divorce SanDisk and Bestbuy.  BTW…my cassettes work great without all this ■■■■.


For Rhapsody to work properly, your computer needs to have WMP11 installed on it.  If you don’t it won’t work…it’s simple as that. 

Hi All,

Going through exactly the same issue as the original poster of this thread:

  • I plug the player

  • computer tells me “found new hardware - USB mass storage device”

  • sometimes goes as far as telling me it’s a Sandisk Clip

  • then nothing

  • then the usual “there was an issue, your device may not work properly”, and the device does not appear in My Computer

I have tried on 2 different PCs

  • one is Win 2000

  • the other is XP (not sure SP2 is installed though)

I have tried the firmware updater on both PCs, goes to the final stage of “Plug in the player then press finish and the updater will start automatically” - It doesn’t even blink

I have also tried to force the player into MSC mode (whatever that is) to do the firmware upgrade as this was suggested for users under the min specs.

  • some people have mentionned to go to “Settings\USB” on the player - I can’t find it on mine

  • as for the “hold button on + press the centre button while plugging in” method, I must be doing it wrong because nothing happens at all (I have tried with the player on or off, on both PCs, and nothing).

I have already resetted and reformatted the player as well, and looked at the letters that were assigned to the different drives on the PC. I am now out of options and losing my nerves. Can anyone help?

I have a plane to catch later today so I will be returning the player to the shop in about 1 hour unless someone is kind enough to help me out before then (bought the player at my parents’ but I live in a different country).

Thanks a lot.

Well I’m downloading Windows Media player as we speak…but here’s my beef about all this…why does a software driver need all this to run, why is this stuff not in big bold letters on the instructions and lastly, why won’t it run “out of the box” with a simple driver install and a small loader program.  This software driver should be included on the  useless CD that WorstBuy sends…( and it should run in older versions).  This is a simple read/write operation for uploading and downloading a file to this unit the same as a flashdrive.  You should not need all the updates to get files to upload and download… We’re not installing AutoCad here.

This is not a problem with the Scandisk itself, but I’m not giving Worstbuy one more penny and that includes their useless download site that they say I have to set up an account  with in order to " enable all the features on the scandisk".   If I want to go to and download FREE music so be it.  This unit should be able to read and write any MP3 file fine and heck it should be able to do it in win98.   It’s sad to see that the frustrated users must use this site to transfer information in order to help each other get this thing to work.  If this many users, (and they sound knowledgable to me), are frustrated with this connection problem, then Sandisk needs to address it.

Also, Scandisk should provide a basic driver for the SDMX11 on their download site  (and on the included CD) to get this thing going, this shouldn’t be a research project.  If this thing doesnt’ load free files after all this I am head to Worstbuy to get my money back.  Hey, it does sound great on the included demo song.  That’s what I bought it for…to bad all this agony has to be spent accessing the unit  and WHERE i have to get audio, since it seems to be a great sounding unit for the price.

It seems that you will need to install the Rhapsody software first in order to get the unit to be recognized on the PC. You will NOT need to sign up for a Rhapsody account (unless you wish to). Make sure you have Internet access while you are installing as the Rhapsody installer will want to go out and do updates.

One note: our version of Clip is a BestBuy exclusive and may be the reason why I had to install Rhapsody. The Rhapsody software takes you to the BestBuy Digital Music Store. My son received a Sansa Shaker for Christmas and that guy was plug and play - no issues at all.

Once installed the Sansa Clip will become available as a drive under My Computer. You can use the Rhapsody utility to manage your music, pics, etc… or just drag and drop within Windows. The Rhapsody utility is not too bad. It will allow you to rip directly to MP3 from your CD’s. I think Windows Media Player will only rip to WMA, but I can’t swear by it. Also, as others have mentioned, make sure you meet the minimum requirements with Win XP SP2 and Media Player 11.

When your install is complete you can download the updater from the Sansa website and allow the updater to perform a firmware upgrade on the unit.

There may be an easier way, but this has worked pretty well for me.

Good luck!

Hi again,

Unfortunately I don’t have any more time to waste on this product. I have bought it in France where I have never heard about Rhapsody or BestBuy so I am not going to look into what these are. I am simply going to return the player to the store where I bought it and get a refund - I’m not even sure I want to try an exchange.

From a commercial point of view, I find it absurd for a brand like Sandisk to sell half-finished products that won’t work on a PC that’s more than 1 year old and not provide the correct support (why, but why isn’t there a driver available online like almost everyone else does?). I have to say I am gutted as it looked like a great little player - However, I will be writing a negative review of this product on my retailer’s website (as this is what unhappy customers do).


Well after the windows media player 11 install that it took two hours to download on dialup I’m happy to say that I’m playing songs with pride.  And for the BestBuy CD…my dog’s chewing on it as a frisbee.  It may be rigged to run in versions other than XP/SP2 and Windows Media Player 11, but good luck and you can probably use the notes on your engineering doctoral thesis if you get it figured out.  It’s been a long arduous task…but it does sound good…and thanks to all you hard working, people who made this mp3 communication interface project a success with your determined efforts!!!

WMP indeed will rip CDs to MP3 files rather than WMA files–you just need to choose this in the WMP options (and should, in my humble opinion–I like open formats). 

And all the hassles people are finding?  Many of them are due to the need to have special software installed in order to play music protected by DRM (digital rights management), such as on Rhapsody.  And, of course, people assuming that their players will connect up to their computers right out of the box, without making sure that they have the minimum required operating systems on their computers.

no miikerman, I don’t think its too much to ask that a driver thats supported by multiple systems included on an install disk, including older systems, as many people arent  technically adept, and don’t want microsux auto installing updates on their machines when they are working fine at present, including me.  I don’t need to pay hundreds for a new OS for a device that cost me 40 bucks…I don’t have to do it for other types of drives and other devices such as printer so why should I need it for Sansa…every looked for a printer drive on HP’s website?  Think they require sp2 and XP for everything…NO!!!. 

As for the Worstbuy Crapsody software… I don’t need it, and I don’t need WorstBuy…I’m downloading great music and its legal and FREE on other sites.  And I salute the guy who got his working in 98…media player11 is a dog.

I can’t get my computer to recongize my device. First I tried the manual it didn’t help at all. Then I downloaded the Sansa Firmware Updater. Still nothing worked. Then I went into my settings on my device and I Formatted it and still have no luck. If anyone has any tips please reply back. I’m not exactly a computer person so explain things to me step by step.


Geezer, I do agree that SanDisk screwed up:  it built its player with a default to needing the latest software at which point one could “roll back” to a simpler system (that is, basic drag and drop under mass storage capacity mode), rather than doing it the other way around.  And I think that SanDisk is realizing this now, with version .18 of the software allowing one to easily use either MTP or MSC mode.   But of course, if you can’t connect your player to begin with and with SanDisk itself not providing the instructions as to how to do (why is there no meaningful FAQ at the SanDisk site answering these questions?!?), life becomes difficult.

Once again, though, SanDisk listed the software requirements for the Clip, under which it should work (and thereby unnecesssarily limited its customer base).