XP with WMP11 won't recognize Clip - Code 10 - HELP!

I plug the Clip in, the tray seems to recognize it (found new hardware - Sansa Clip) then goes to found new hardware screen to install the driver.  It won’t install either MTP or USB mass storage, and I get a Code 10 error.  “My Computer” won’t recognize it no matter what!

Why would the tray recognize it then prompt me for a driver and then fail?

Why can’t the Clip just have a driver that we can install???

About to take this thing back, but the my daughter won’t have her tunes!  HELP! 

Ah, I have found a solution from a while back, regarding MTP communication and the Mode 10 error.

Credit for this one goes to The Markster :

No USB mode option in the menu? You must have one of the v2 models that Sandisk rushed to market at the end of 2007, with the buggy firmware. I guess they were trying to get in on the holiday sales bonanza. Can’t say I blame them too much, but… Regarding this issue, the original firmware for the Sansa Clip also did not have the USB Mode option in “settings”, this was firmware 1.01.11.

First off, you’ll want to update your firmware. Download the Sansa Updater app from the sandisk.com website. Here’s a direct link to the sansa updater, which said link might or might not work since you have to jump through a few rings to get to it.

It’s possible you might need to put the player in MSC mode in order for the updater to do its thing. You can force MSC mode by:

  1. Engage Hold button (orange should be showing)

  2. Press and hold the [center button] and keep it held down

  3. Connect to USB port on computer (not to USB hub or USB extension cable)

Once the computer indicates you have plugged something into a USB port, you can let go of the REWIND button. Congratulations, you are now in MSC mode, a.k.a. the Mode of Sansa Champions. Markster, I love this one!!  -Bob The Sansa Updater should come up with an icon in the system tray. It’s sort of an S looking thingamabob. Right Click and select Update Now, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

If you’re running a proxy, you might have to go the manual firmware update route since the auto updater won’t be able to connect to the Internet through a proxy. I suppose a firewall could also be blocking access in some cases. The manual firmware update steps are covered in one of the stickies at the top of the e200 forum main page.

After the firmware update is finished, you will then have the USB menu options Auto, MTP, and MSC. To get the computer to accept the player in MTP (a.k.a. the Mode of Trouble and Perplexity) mode can be tricky at times, though MSC mode usually works without a hitch. The first thing to do is update Windows Media Player to the latest and greatest version (currently version 11). Try removing the player icon from Device Manager. Sometimes that will cause the computer to correctly reinstall the MTP drivers. If that doesn’t work or if you’re already running version 11, roll back to version 10 and remove the Microsoft User Mode Driver Framework Something or Other and the Windows Media Format 11 Runtime Something or Other from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. If it’s still not working, and while still running WMP version 10, download fixup.zip, extract the archive, and execute fixup.cmd from a command prompt window. It’s a script. What exactly it does, I don’t know, exactly. My understanding is it basically removes the stuff that’s keeping Windows from correctly installing the MTP drivers. Windows *should* now correctly get the MTP drivers up and going. Once that’s done, you can update back to WMP 11 and it should still work.

03-27-2008 07:31 AM

The Clip will be recognized if connected in MSC mode; it’s the drivers integrated into Windows Media Player that operate the Sansa in MTP mode.  Once WiMP is happy, your Sansa will communicate in either USB mode.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

Ok…looks like I got something here…wow what a help you are so far!

“After the firmware update is finished, you will then have the USB menu options Auto, MTP, and MSC.”

Ok, I got up to that point successfully (got the firmware to update, the computer recognizes the Clip in MSC mode).  But from that point on I totally lost you and I didn’t get any of that, in fact I kept getting the Code 10 with MTP and USB.  And I was really hoping to get this thing to work without using WiMP anyway.

So… I reconnected the Clip in MSC mode, Media Monkey recognized it, and I drag/dropped all my songs to the Clip.  I even used Media Monkey to create a playlist successfully on the Clip.  Now hopefully I just need to see if the Clips’ battery will charge in MSC mode.

Looks like I’m in business now thanks to you! Keeping my fingers crossed…