Please Help with my e260v2 need a driver

I tried to hook my sansa up to a dvd player that will play mp3. Well it didn t work with mine.So later i came to add some songs and my pc said the device was currupted.some how i deleted the drivers trying to fix it.Now i cant download any drivers because pc says its not recoginized.Please help

The drivers for the Sansa are in Windows on your computer. If it is in MTP mode (Settings/USB Mode) the drivers are in Windows Media Player 10 or 11. In MSC mode it is the basic USB driver that also runs all your other USB connections.

But corrupted files may make it hard for the Sansa to remember it knows how to connect.  

Follow the first half of the directions linked below far enough to get to the 16 MB FORMAT partition. Then make a new EMPTY folder on your desktop called sansa.fmt and drag it into that partition. It will clear off anything you have added to the Sansa, formatting it after you unplug and reboot.

If that doesn’t work,  follow the full directions to reinstall the firmware. 

If you don’t have a USB Mode listing under Settings, and/or you get a blue Sansa logo when you turn it on, follow these directions for a v2 Sansa.

If the logo is white, not blue then follow these directions for a v1 Sansa.

Another way to tell if you have a v1 or v2 is to look in Settings/Firmware Version. 1.x is v1. 3.x is v2. 

e260v2       i turned on sansa  ,  moved hold button to on where orange was visible,held down left arrow button, and plug into usb, keep holding down left button and nothing happened .except for pop up on pc stating uncoginized device

I can get the firmware updater to come up but when the step to plug in device and wait for windows the pc pops up not recognized by windows

Like this driver?

Liquidmetal, too.  Actually, the only driver needed is integrated into Windows Media Player 10 and 11.

For your v2, simply click on the firmware link for 03.01.16, download the file, and unzip the binary file.  Save this to your desktop.

On the PC, open a Windows Explorer window by pressing [Windows Key] + E.

On the device, hold the menu/power button down until it powers off.  Slide the HOLD switch to the right (orange showing), then hold the << button depressed while connecting to the PC.  Keep it depressed until the PC recognizes the device.

Drag the bin file to the open explorer box, the root directory.  Unplug the Sansa after the file transfers (best to click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray.)

Slide the HOLD switch back to the left, and power up the Sansa.

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And as far as the original problem,

You’ll notice the music is in a HIDDEN “Music” folder.

Take the songs out and just put them onto the Sansa without being in folders, put your Sansa into MSC mode, and they should play on the DVD player.

((Why? The DVD might not be sophisticated enough to find the files otherwise. And your Sansa doesn’t care WHERE the files are, they’ll still play.)

Every time i plug the sansa into the pc it comes up the device is unregonized even with pushing hold button to on  and holding down << button while plugging into pc this is the part i cant get past

The << button toggle works with the v2 device, and only if the HOLD switch is active (orange) before powering up the device.

The most direct method of selecting MSC mode is via the settings menu: select MSC mode via Settings > USB Mode > MSC.

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Oh well i cant get it to do anything but say connected on the device and not recoginized by the pc so i guess its timem to give up thanks for your help

Not necessarily. When it says connected, go through Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager and see if there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point. Right click, Uninstall (not disable), reboot the computer (with Sansa disconnected), connect and see if it reinstalls a correct driver.

Hello Friends , i have also using sandisk sansa e260v2 R player. First u r enter in SETTING menu then press USB MODE and please select the MSC option and click Ok then U connect ur player to pc and its work properly and Enjoy the Music with sansa…

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