sansa e260v2

hello there

i have problem with my sansa

my computer wont recognize my sansa after i have connected my sansa

i m sure my use cable is good

my problem is with sansa media converter 

i cant install it via the firmware update because my computer cant recognize my device

Open the Device Manager on your PC, with the Sansa plugged in.  Do you see the “connected” icon on the Sansa’s display?

The Sansa will be listed under Portable Device (if in MTP) or under the USB Root Hub if in MSC.  Right click on the Sansa and select uninstall.  Unplug,wait 30 seconds (I prefer to reboot the PC at this point), then plug in again.

See if the PC now lists the Sansa in Windows Explorer (My Computer).

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

as i connect the sansa to my computer

its try to connect with my computer and then i get  refresh database message

what should i do?