Sansa Media Converter problem


I downloaded and installed the Sansa Media Converter, because I wanted to put videos on my Sansa e250. However, I had several problems with it after installing:

  1. It completely broke Windows Media Player (when I tried to run WMP, I got an error message stating “Windows Media Player is not installed correctly”.)

  2. My Sansa e250 was no longer recognized by Windows in MTP mode. Device Manager had a yellow exclamation point for Sansa e250, and it said “The device is not configured correctly (Code 1)”. Needless to say, Sansa Media Converter did not detect my player (not even in MSC mode, though Windows did).

I did a System Restore, so my computer is back to normal.

My specs:

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, SP2

Windows Media Player 10

Sansa e250, firmware version 01.02.18a (player version 1, US)

Sansa Media Converter version 4.236 (latest version)

My question is, how can I get the Sansa media converter working? If not, how can I manually convert my videos to the Sansa’s native format (some non-standard implementation of the MOV format)?


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I am having the same problem.  I was successful at using Sansa Media Converter to transfer an avi to my Sansa View, but now Windows Media Player will not work.  Does anyone know how how to fix this?

I dual-boot XP and Vista, so I installed Sansa Media Converter on Vista and it worked without a problem (since Vista includes Media Player 11). However, all my other software is on XP, so I have to reboot into Vista just to transfer video to my Sansa. I’m just guessing that if I installed WMP 11 on my XP, it would work (since SMC attempted to install the WMP11 runtime files). But I don’t want WMP11. There’s gotta be another way!

you won’t believe this.  i called Sandisk Support.  they were very responsive.  they suggested using Any Video Converter (the free version).  basically you select the video…choose MP4 as the profile…then click Encode.  it will convert the video.  then just copy and paste from the folder Any Video stored it in on the PC to the Video folder on the player.  it worked great.  even better…my WMP works.

Thanks for the info… however my converted video is not accepted by my Sansa. I try copying it and it says that the device does not support that type of file. (The other videos on the player, i.e. Lil Monsta and one of Vista’s sample videos that I converted, have a MOV extension. Any Video Converter doesnt seem to have the option to convert to MOV format.

the sansa media converter is the only way to convert video for use with the e200 v1.

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