PLEASE HELP!!!!! Trying to convert videos with Sansa Media Convertor but it shows a error messag

everything is in the subject except the error message which is " Sansa player is not connected" ( when it really is) .PLease help i have no idea what to do … i have tried many files and the music ( i use Media Player but ) works so it’s not the connection … even on the Sansa it self it says " Connected" and shows a little icon of the sansa transfering data with a computer.

I’ve seen this also … I think it’s a bug in the converter.  I’m not sure what I did to get past it … try resetting the device, restarting the converter, and even (sob) restarting your PC.

What sansa player are you using? Is it in MTP mode? Sansa Media Converter will not detect Sansa Player if its in MSC mode. Please check.

Also, the mp3 player has to be plugged into the computer and accessible before it will convert. ?

There has to be enough room left on the mp3 player’s memory for the file you’re trying to convert.

Good luck!