my sansa connect wont get on the media converter or windows media player

when i hook it in the pc the meesege pops up that says what do u want to do so i click sansa media convert it well like frezze the media converter but if i un hook it the media converter well come on then i would hook it back up and it well frezze again what should i do

Your message is really difficult to understand, so I’m going to guess that you just want to put music on your player.

If so, plug it in and then run Windows Media Player.  Tell us what happens next.

If WMP or Yahoo! Music Jukebox works with the Connet, then try power cycling the Connect fully (hold power button for 8-10 seconds to turn off).

Sometimes this is required with the SMC.

I am having a similar problem using sansa media convertor - I connect my sansa media connect to PC, pops up what I want to do, I say I want to use sansa media convertor and it freezes - I have windows xp pro sp2, 2GB ddr2, 40GB HDD with approx 20GB free space - I did as suggested and tried to recycle the sansa connect by turning it off then back on and still have rpoblems with the media convertor software freezing up before I can use it - if you need more information to be able to assist me, please let me know what you need and I will tell you asap as I would like to put photos and a couple small videos on my connect


If I remember correctly (I haven’t used it in a long time), the Converter goes through some kind of pre-conversion phase where it appears to have freezed … gives no indication of any kind of progress.  Try it again, but this time go away and have a cup of coffee or can of Mountain Dew or whatever.  Give it some time, and then come back and see what’s happened.