connect player (its connected) now what

When i try and use the media converter to convert media to my sansa connect the converter just says connect player.  i have removed and reconnected my connect many times with no luck tried restarting computer any many other things nothing seems to work what can i do to get the media converter to see my connect?

This works for me:

1- Try using MSC mode on the Sansa

2- Wait for the player to connect before opening Sansa Media Converter (SMC)

3- Open SMC, be patient with it

If that doesnt work, try uninstalling SMC-

Check that you have the latest version on the Sansa site, install it

Good luck!

How do i use MSC mode with the connect i can’t find an option for this?

I don’t believe the connect has an MSC mode.
Check the Connect forum and/or instruction manual… :wink: