MTP Install Code 10 - Device will not work

Hello people,

New to this forum. I just picked up a 2GB clip today at BB as I was intrigued by the BF price of $35 and am rather fond of the look of this device. But the problem is when I plug clip into USB via MTP mode; found new hardware goes into an endless cycle of install mtp --> driver not supported  - continue anyway? --> yada yada, and I’m left with:

_There was a problem installing this software:

MTP Device

This device cannot start [Code 10]_
Device will loop doing this.

Out of the 3 pcs in my home 2 of them simply will not install mtp drivers correctly. I’m running windows xp pro, wmp11.
MSC works however, which leads to a greater question.

Is there any feature I lose by always running in MSC mode other than the ability to listen to DRM music? If not, not a huge concern as I have 1 DRM song in my entire library. I can still sync playlists via wmp11 no?

Anyway, I would like to fix this problem. I’ve tried reinstalling wmp11 and have removed the faulty device many times from device manager to no avail. I’ve even copied the two drivers in the system32\drivers folder from the one fully working pc in the home and tried pointing the driver install to that, but to no avail. I’m at a loss as to what else to do, other than to return device and continue using my wm5 smartphone on my jogs.

Thanks in advance.

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Try using the devices format command under settings. You can still sync under MSC mode,  and DRM will not work in that mode.  THe player UI will still show content transfered, however.  It seems like a SW issue running on your PC.  Can you share the PC make model and configuration?  I have a similar problem with MTP on an old PC,  It might be your  USB card / driver is not compatitble with MTP.

I tried that before, twice. No go. I know DRM won’t work but is there ANYTHING at all that is different between the two modes?

I was thinking a issue on my pc too, but kind of like getting UPnP media sharing to work in WMP11 (which I liken to this because it is buggy like MTP), one has to ask themselves if it’s worth a format. For me, I’d like to avoid that at all cost because of the down time. Even then, there’s not guarantee, which would aggravate me even further if the problem continued.

my pc was built in 2004 by me. abit, northwood 3.0ghz, 1 GB 3200 dual channel, nvidia 6800, etc. maybe something faulty with upnp service

i had the same issue. i finally found that it was a driver i had installed so i could use a PS3 controller on my PC. after i removed the driver MTP was fine. do you have any thing like that installed on your systems?

yeah, that’s not it. i’m succumbed to this is just the tip of the iceberg and to take this piece of junk back to best buy tomorrow. Even when I do a transfer via the alternative MSC mode, it will start off very quickly with a 1.6 GB sync list in WMP 11. Then it will progessively slow transfer to a crawl, and finally when I unplug the thing, the ‘refresh database’ screen stalls requiring a reboot and plug in to pc --> msc mode --> format (via device) --> also tried format via explorer in FAT (read in an earlier thread this was a workaround for what appears to be a known problem. Same thing…  latest firmware.

Shame, I really liked the price and the size. Maybe I’ll give another on a go tomorrow but if the same results happen, I’m done. WMP5 smartphone with 2GB card syncs the same playlist beautifully, so something isn’t all there with this device.

I bought Sansa Clip 2GB mp3 player from Best Buy today. I connected it to Win XP Pro laptop hoping to transfer mp3 files to the player. I got an MTP device not found error. (and it shows up in Device Manager under Windows Portable Devices with yellow i mark next to it) After that I tried what someone had suggested in another posting (Goto device manager and update the driver from MTP to USB Mass Storage Device). Still windows xp does not recognize this device.

I can not believe that Sandisk product support website has some useless information about how to get right rebate and nothing about the product itself.

After I tried to update the Sansa Clip in device driver to USB Mass Storage, I got code 10 error from Windows (device could not be started) I installed an updated firmware but still no luck (updated firmware is available at

I hope someone could help me at this point.

same problem as me. I returned it to best buy.

I too had a smilliar problem where it wouldn’t install right, but ended up installing the included Best Buy Music Store software (which it DOES NOT say to do in the directions) and “magically” the device driver that was missing appeared…Might help here too.

p.s. I had been trying to avoid installing that nasty piece of crap software for as long as possible…

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I tried installing that too, as nonsensical as it seemed since there were no drivers. Same thing, no go. The MTP drivers are actually part of wmp 11. even then, msc mode was fubar because after doing a full transfer, refresh database would freeze.

Try the MTP porting kit from, also and i may have missed this info what O.S do you have?

i have been also trying to avoid installing the best buy music store and all those programs but i think that where the driver is …i looked for the driver on the web to no avail…this is one of those players that just makes it very hard and I gave it to someone for christmas and i got a sony player with video so imagine how i feel…

this is the message i get from my device manager when the player is connected:

No drivers are installed for this device.

If you are having problems with this device, click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter.

then by itself the message changes to this and goes back and forth…

Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)

To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer.

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.



Have you figured anything out on this?  I am having the same proplem.


Try downloading this MTP porting kit to see if it will work.

I have done all the MTP Porting Kits etc. and I am having no luck with mine either. I am getting a new error though. It tells me that the required section was not found in the INF. Anyone have this issue? Please advise.


Again, what is your system configuration?  XP SP2 with WMP10 or 11?  What is the firmware on your device (1.01.18?)  Have you installed the updates from microsoft?  Have you tried uninstall WMP and reinstall again?  Try delete the device registry? Try plug in using MSC?  There are many ways we can go about doing it and it has all been posted on the forum so I don’t know if you have the chance to try it all.  Well, try and let us know if any of those solutions work for you.

I don’t know if this is related but might be helpful

Just change the USB port to MSC under Settings on the unit and it bypasses all the MTP B.S.

I have an older PC at home and it has the same problem.  It will work with MSC mode though.

The Clip and Fuze I have work fine on newer PCs ,  just this old machine of mine with XP, SP3,  WMP11,  porting kit all installed refuses to keep the MTP connection to the device.

I suspect it may be a chipset issue myself.

If anyone solves this problem it could help others too, so please post the solutions.

I have seen PCI bus USB2.0 cards out there for under $10.  USB ports can be finicky, especially with the Sansa in charge mode.  I have an older Windows ME machine at work that has fits with a Sansa in Auto Detect mode.  The Sansa should be switching to MSC on that one…

Come to think of it, the old e-machine has a “never obsolete” sticker on the face.  I wonder who came up with that campaign?

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: