fuze+ firmware question

hi my mum just bought me the fuze+ in order to replace my zen xi-fi which broke due to creatives crappy software

i just wanted to know if i should update the firmware on my fuze+ it is brand new i and i havent loaded anythng on it… i read about how the firmware made the player interface worse … can some one give me advice wether to leave the player the way it is and just load my music or update it with the new firmware?/?:neutral_face:

I would update it. Several issues were fixed and/or improved, like the locking procedure. You can get the latest firmware update here. I wouldn’t bother with the Updater; just manually install it.

how do you install it manually?

Follow the instructions in the firmware post I linked to.

they moved the lock/unlock feature to the on/off button; took me a while to figure that one out. 

:neutral_face:that sounds better than the pause play button , but what i really want to know is , will it give my player any problems in the future. i havent updated the firmware yet and the players fine for me…:womanwink:

Given the list of enhancements and bug fixes this update addresses, personally I think it’s a no-brainer.


  • Change the lock to press the power button
  • Add press and hold on any song in the list view or while in the play screen to add song to the Go List
  • Show the date next to the word Date: under Settings
  • The format of the date setting will change according to region North America: MM/DD/YY; all other regions: DD/MM/YY
  • Press and hold of the back button will jump back to Main menu faster
  • Recorded file’s name will include extra information  FM recording:  98.2 MMDDYY (change according to region) -001  Voice recording: MMDDYY(change according to region) - 001
  • Option to display 24 hours clock
  • Change “Podcasts” to “Books” in the Main menu
  • Added * (star) next to selected item in Settings menu items
  • Change “Shuffle All” to “Shuffle List” for music playback
  • Audiobook folder added to the internal memory

Bugs Fixed

  • Device didn’t record voice/FM continuously
  • Device jumps back to Main menu when tapping on “Back” button while in Rhapsody info page under Settings menu
  • Tapping on “Back” button doesn’t stop device from popping up message “DRM license expired…”
  • Device doesn’t display correct number of songs when the total number of songs is larger than 10,000
  • Not playing back slotRadio cards for certain titles: RB, Classical and Rock 
  • Device lowers volume when turning volume up while PreGain is active
  • Show the slide show time under Settings > Photo
  • When playing podcast, it will also show under Music
  • Device displayed “DRM license not available” even though Rhapsody’s subscription is still valid
  • Stations increment for US and World regions are not correct
  • Device terminated recording as soon as device is locked
  • Volume button is not functioning after device is locked

Don’t dwell on what might happen in the future, rather rejoice in the improvements that have already been made.